Al Jazeera World – The Rohingya: Silent Abuse

The Rohingya: Silent Abuse

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has a population of around 51 million people. The Burman ethnic group constitutes around two-thirds of this figure and controls the military and the government. But there are also more than 135 ethnic groups in the country, each with their own culture. Many of them have become internally displaced by government moves to exploit land, provoking long-standing friction. In fact, the conflict between Myanmar’s ethnic minorities and the ruling Burmese majority represent one of the world’s longest ongoing conflicts. One group, the Muslim Rohingya, are not recognised as an ethnic nationality of Myanmar, so they suffer from arguably the worst discrimination and human rights abuses of all. The Rohingya population is somewhere between one and two million and they are living mainly in Rakhine State in the north of the country. In this film, Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent Salam Hindawi goes to Myanmar to investigate the situation surrounding the Rohingya. Myanmar has been tightly controlled for decades and Hindawi has enormous difficulties gaining access to certain areas of the country that the government simply doesn’t want anyone from outside to see. More from Al Jazeera World on: YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – Visit our website – Subscribe to AJE on YouTube –

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