An Unholy Alliance: Monks and the Military in Myanmar

Al Jazeera English – 19-3-2019

With almost 90 percent of Myanmar’s population being devoted Buddhists, the religion has been at the heart of the nation’s very identity for centuries.

But while the pillars of Buddhist teachings are love, compassion and peace, there is a very different variation to the philosophy being taught at the Ma Ba Tha monastery in Yangon’s Insein township.

The monks there are connected to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, the systematic persecution and genocide of the Rohingya in Rakhine state.

Al Jazeera’s unprecedented access to the Ma Ba Tha monastery and its leaders offers a glimpse into how their ultra-nationalist agenda is becoming the blueprint for the political structure of the country. Is the joining of forces between monks and generals threatening Myanmar’s young and fragile democracy?

An Unholy Alliance: Monks and the Military in Myanmar | Featured Documentary

U.N. council demands end to Myanmar violence in first resolution in decades

By Michelle Nichols

U.N. council adopts first Myanmar resolution in decades

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 21 (Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council adopted its first resolution on Myanmar in 74 years on Wednesday to demand an end to violence and urge the military junta to release all political prisoners, including ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Myanmar has been in crisis since the army took power from Suu Kyi’s elected government on Feb. 1, 2021, detaining her and other officials and responding to pro-democracy protests and dissent with lethal force.

It has long been split on how to deal with the Myanmar crisis, with China and Russia arguing against strong action. They both abstained from the vote on Wednesday, along with India. The remaining 12 members voted in favor.

“China still has concerns,” China’s U.N. Ambassador Zhang Jun told the council after the vote. “There is no quick fix to the issue … Whether or not it can be properly resolved in the end, depends fundamentally, and only, on Myanmar itself.”

He said China had wanted the Security Council to adopt a formal statement on Myanmar, not a resolution.

Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said Moscow did not view the situation in Myanmar as a threat to international peace and security and therefore believed it should not be dealt with by the U.N. Security Council.

Myanmar citizens protest in Bangkok
Myanmar citizens who live in Thailand, hold a portrait of former Myanmar state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi as they protest against the execution of pro-democracy activists, at Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, Thailand July 26, 2022. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcomed the resolution’s adoption. “This is an important step by the Security Council to address the crisis and end the Burma military regime’s escalating repression and violence against civilians,” he said in a statement.


Until now the council had only agreed formal statements on Myanmar, where the army also led a 2017 crackdown on Rohingya Muslims that was described by the United States as genocide. Myanmar denies genocide and said it was waging a legitimate campaign against insurgents who attacked police posts.

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Chinese energy companies lobby junta to import Russian gas

A leaked junta memo shows three Chinese firms appealing to Nay Pyi Taw to arrange liquified natural gas imports from Russia amid economic turmoil in Myanmar.


A leaked document from the junta’s Ministry of Electric Power reveals that three Chinese energy companies appealed to the junta for help importing liquified natural gas from the Russian government, as the regime’s economic policies wreak havoc on the energy sector.

The document, in the form of a memo, indicates a meeting took place on July 25 in Nay Pyi Taw with representatives from MoEP, Hong Kong-listed VPower and Chinese state-owned firms CNTIC and Genertec. (VPower is also part-owned by CITIC, another Chinese state-owned investment firm).

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Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar deepen Russia ties to blunt economic woes

NikkeiSoutheast Asia nations seen giving Moscow breathing room on sanctions

Oil tanks at a petroleum depot in the port of Vladivostok, Russia. Myanmar starts importing Russian fuel oil as early as September.   © Reuters

YOHEI MURAMATSU and TOMOYA ONISHI, Nikkei staff writers

September 6, 2022 04:22 JST

BANGKOK/HANOI — From wooing more Russian tourists to boosting trade, Southeast Asian nations are bolstering economic ties with Russia in hopes of curbing inflation and spurring their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The U.S. and European countries have imposed sweeping sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. But these efforts could be hindered by emerging nations as they prioritize addressing their own economic headwinds.

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Moscow fuels Myanmar war machine, then claims to bring peace

Moscow fuels Myanmar war machine, then claims to bring peace

Voice of America – 20-8-2022

On August 3, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made an official visit to Myanmar, underscoring Russia’s support for the country’s military government.

The visit came just over a week after Myanmar’s military junta announced it had executed four pro-democracy activists – the country’s first executions in decades – sparking international condemnation.

Myanmar has spiraled into chaos since February 2021, when the military seized power by force from the elected government.

As of August 5, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, run by Myanmar citizens in exile, said 2,158 “people, pro-democracy activists and other civilians” have been killed as a result of the post-coup military crackdown.

Lavrov said Russia stood in solidarity with “efforts to stabilize the situation in the country” and welcomed planned elections next year. Analysts say the elections will be used to install a pro-military government.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova weighed in on what she described as Lavrov’s “rich visit.” In reference to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to Taiwan, Zakharova said Lavrov visited “to promote cooperation,” rather than provoke China.

“Russia brings cooperation, peace, [and] stability to the region. Russia operates based on international law, mutual respect and the mutual consideration of interests,” Russian state broadcaster Sputnik quoted Zakharova as saying.

That is false. Russia, as a major supplier of arms to Myanmar’s military government, is doing anything but bringing peace and stability to the region.

The World Responsible for Myanmar Becoming Failed State: National Unity Government foreign minister Minister of Myanmar

National Unity Government foreign minister Daw Zin Mar Aung. / The Irrawaddy

By THE IRRAWADDY 1 April 2022

Challenging the regime’s legitimacy at home and abroad, Myanmar’s shadow National Unity Government (NUG) foreign minister Daw Zin Mar Aung, 45, has engaged with foreign governments and parliaments, international aid agencies and Myanmar’s many armed groups.

However, the elected lawmaker from the ousted National League for Democracy and winner of the 2012 International Women of Courage Award said international assistance is largely limited to moral support.

She exclusively tells The Irrawaddy about the importance of international support, including funding and arms, Myanmar’s friends and foes and how it receives different treatment from Ukraine.

It has been more than a year since the revolution against military rule was launched. We heard the revolution has received no assistance from foreign countries. Why is that?

It is mainly because the international community regards the crisis as a domestic issue if we compare it with the Ukraine war. It is widely believed that countries should not interfere in domestic affairs.

Yangon in February last year protests after the military coup.

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The Struggle for Myanmar – Podcast

Is Myanmar heading into civil war — or already there?

Nikkei – Nikkei staff writers – February 5, 2022 09:29 JST

NEW YORK — Welcome to Nikkei Asia’s podcast: Asia Stream.

Every week, Asia Stream tracks and analyzes the Indo-Pacific with a mix of interviews and reporting by our correspondents from across the globe.

New episodes are recorded weekly and available on Apple PodcastsSpotify and all other major platforms, and on our YouTube channel


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Myanmar’s troubled history: Coups, military rule, and ethnic conflict

cfrThe 2021 coup returned Myanmar to military rule and shattered hopes for democratic progress in a Southeast Asian country beset by decades of conflict and repressive regimes.

A protester holds an image of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing during an anti-coup march in February 2021.
A protester holds an image of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing during an anti-coup march in February 2021. Getty Images

WRITTEN BY Lindsay Maizland

Last updated January 31, 2022 11:00 am


  • Myanmar, also known as Burma, has suffered decades of repressive military rule, widespread poverty, and civil war with ethnic minority groups.
  • The transition away from full military rule starting in 2011 spurred hopes of democratic reforms. But the military maintained control over much of the government and began a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya.
  • The military launched a coup in February 2021 and then cracked down on protests. The opposition formed a shadow government and fighting force, leading to a civil war and humanitarian crisis that could spill over Myanmar’s borders.

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Myanmar bên bờ vực nội chiến

D.KIM THOA 18/1/2022 6:00 GMT+7

TTCT – Sau 3 năm rưỡi giữ cương vị đặc phái viên của tổng thư ký Liên Hiệp Quốc về Myanmar, cuối tháng 10-2021, bà Christine Schraner Burgener rời cương vị trong nỗi canh cánh về nguy cơ bùng nổ nội chiến toàn diện tại quốc gia Đông Nam Á dường như đã nhãn tiền.

 Từ “nội chiến” đã được nhiều chuyên gia sử dụng để nói về tình hình Myanmar lúc này. Ảnh: AP

Trong cuộc trả lời phỏng vấn Hãng tin AP trước khi mãn nhiệm, bà Burgener, một người Thụy Sĩ, đã dùng thẳng từ “nội chiến” để mô tả tình trạng bạo lực và bất ổn đang lan tràn khắp nơi tại Myanmar lúc này. 

Bà kêu gọi cộng đồng quốc tế cân nhắc các biện pháp cụ thể và dứt khoát hơn để giúp quốc gia này sớm tìm được lối ra cho cuộc khủng hoảng chính trị hiện nay.

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In pictures: More protesters killed in Myanmar as military tightens grip

In PicturesGallery

More protesters killed in Myanmar as military tightens grip

Martial law imposed in Myanmar as protester death toll rises.

A protester holds a bullet as protests against the military coup and detention of elected government members continue in Hlaing Thayar Township, Yangon. [Anadolu]
A protester holds a bullet as protests against the military coup and detention of elected government members continue in Hlaing Thayar Township, Yangon. [Anadolu]

16 Mar 2021 Al Jareeza

A human rights group says at least 183 people have been killed in Myanmar since the recent military coup in the country, 20 of whom died on Monday.

“Casualties are drastically increasing,” said the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), which has been tracking the situation since the February 1 coup, in its daily update.

As of March 15, a total of 2,175 people had been arrested, charged or sentenced by authorities, AAPP added.

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Myanmar: Những người trẻ trăm tuổi

CHIÊU VĂN 14/3/2021 6:00 GMT+7

TTCTPhong trào tranh đấu chính trị của thanh niên Myanmar ra đời còn trước chính nhà nước Myanmar hiện đại.

Kyal Sin không phải kiểu phụ nữ chân yếu tay mềm. Trên Facebook, như mọi thiếu nữ 19 tuổi, cô cũng có những tấm hình chu môi làm điệu, ôm ấp chó con và ăn mừng sinh nhật với bạn bè. Và Kyal Sin, tên tiếng Anh là Angel, còn là một vũ công điêu luyện và một cao thủ taekwondo.

Ngày 3-3 vừa rồi ở Mandalay, như nhiều người trẻ Myanmar khác, cô xuống đường tham gia những cuộc biểu tình phản đối cuộc đảo chính quân sự diễn ra ở nước này hôm 1-2.

Ảnh: Los Angeles Times

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“Phi chính trị hóa lực lượng vũ trang”- vấn đề nhìn từ Myanmar

CAND – 07:59 20/02/2021 Việc chính phủ cầm quyền ở Myanmar nhanh chóng bị lật đổ sau một cuộc đảo chính của quân đội có lẽ sẽ là bài học đắt giá với rất nhiều chính đảng cầm quyền trên thế giới. Một trong những bài học đó là “phi chính trị hóa Công an, Quân đội”.

Tiềm lực quân sự Myanmar mạnh tới mức nào?

Sáng 1/2/2021, truyền thông trong nước và quốc tế đồng loạt đưa tin, Tổng thống Myanmar Win Myint, Cố vấn nhà nước Aung San Suu Kyi và một loạt nhân vật cấp cao khác của đảng Liên minh Quốc gia vì Dân chủ (NLD) cầm quyền bị Quân đội bắt. Người phát ngôn của NLD Myo Nyunt sau đó xác nhận thông tin và nói rằng với những gì đang diễn ra thực sự là một cuộc đảo chính. Tiếp tục đọc ““Phi chính trị hóa lực lượng vũ trang”- vấn đề nhìn từ Myanmar”