239 freed fishermen back home tomorrow


Update: October, 05/2017 – 10:44

Illustrative Image — Photo danviet.vn

JAKARTA — The 239 Vietnamese fishermen freed by Indonesia are set to return home tomorrow.

A Vietnam News Agency report said yesterday that the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia had worked with competent localities authorities to complete procedures for repatriating the fishermen.

The fishermen’s handover was conducted yesterday at Batam Island, Indonesia. They were sent offshore of the island by three Indonesian vessels and then handed over to Việt Nam.

A Vietnaemse vessel (coded CSB 8001) completed procedures and received all the released fishermen.

The fishermen had been detained since July after being caught illegally fishing in Indonesian waters. They were detained on the Indonesian islands of Pontianak, Tarempa, Batam and Natuna.

Upon the Indonesian authorities’ request, the fishermen pledged not to repeat their offence.

This is the second handover that the two countries have conducted at sea and the ninth this year. With this release, a total of 1,230 Vietnamese fishermen have been repatriated so far this year. — VNS

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