Vietnam to include human rights in education

Last update 15:16 | 07/09/2017

Vietnam has approved a project that aims to make human rights an integral subject in education nationwide by 2025.

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A little girl’s cheerful face on the first day of the new school year

Per the project, teaching human rights will be piloted at several kindergartens, schools, universities and vocational training centers in three cities and provinces in the north, south, and central regions.

By 2025, all educational establishments across Vietnam will have the subject in their curriculum.

Human rights education in kindergartens will introduce basic elements in individual rights and duties.

Elementary pupils will learn related principles, values, and laws in Vietnam and the world, which they will delve more deeply into the issue in junior high schools. At high schools, students will study key mechanisms used to protect human rights.

Vocational training will focus on human rights at work, while colleges and universities will offer deeper contents on the concept, nature and roles of the subject and well as its relevance in Vietnamese and international legal documents.


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