Myanmar: The perilous journey of Rohingya refugees [in pictures]

Al Jazeera

Recent upsurge in violence has forced about 146,000 Rohingya to cross into Bangladesh, according to UN estimates.

06 Sep 2017 10:23 GMT | Rohingya, Myanmar, Humanitarian crises, Human Rights, Myanmar-Bangladesh

About 146,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled from violence in Myanmar since August 25, according to United Nations estimates.

The latest surge brings the total number to 233,000 Rohingya who have sought refuge in Bangladesh since October last year.

The mass exodus came after suspected Rohingya fighters attacked police posts and an army base in the western Rakhine State.

The Myanmar government has blamed the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) for the violence, but fleeing Rohingya civilians accused the Myanmar army of carrying out a campaign of arson and killings – aimed at forcing them out of the country.

Authorities in Myanmar say close to 100 people have been killed in the latest violence but advocates for the Rohingya told Al Jazeera that at least 800 of the Muslim minority, including dozens of women and children, were dead.

Al Jazeera has been unable to independently verify the figures.

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