More efforts bring kids back to school

Last update 10:55 | 27/08/2017

The new school year is approaching, and schools in the northern province of Phu Tho are preparing for the new school year despite a shortage of facilities, teaching equipment and other necessities.

Prior to the new school year, along with their teachers, the H’mong pupils returned to school to clean up classrooms and review their knowledge.

Over recent years, H’mong people’s way of thinking that literacy cannot fill the belly and warm the body has changed.

Gone are the days when teachers had to visit every pupil’s family and encourage them to return to school at the beginning of each new school year.

Now, most families are willing to prepare for children’s schooling despite their poor economic conditions.

Along with the policies developing education in the mountainous region, school facilities located in distant villages have made it easier for ethnic students to study.

On the threshold of the new school year, anxiety over the lack of facilities, teaching and learning conditions remains. But with greater efforts, ethnic minority children will continue to be equipped with more knowledge for a brighter future.


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