Red carpets of freshwater mangrove flowers

Last update 15:59 | 17/07/2017

Freshwater mangroves, known among scientists as barringtonia acutangula, usually begin to blossom in the sixth lunar month. The blooming season lasts for about four months in the year, with drooping clusters of tiny red flowers sprout up one after another.

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On the bank of Sword Lake in central Hanoi, bunches of the red flowers hang down reflecting vibrant images in the water’s surface of the lake.

After coming into blossom, small and thin petals fall down and lay red carpets on the water’s surface.

Outside Hanoi at Go Tho Temple in the northern province of Phu Tho, viewers are treated to a picturesque scene of blooming freshwater mangroves, also known by other names such as Indian oak, Indian putat and barringtonia.

The population of freshwater mangroves here has 85 trees growing on a small hill of 500 square metres. According to local residents, these mangroves are hundreds of years old, present around the ancient temple depicting a strong outer wall.

Nhan Dan

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