Thatched houses village in Ha Giang

Last update 16:35 | 16/05/2017

Tha and Ha Thanh villages in Phuong Do commune, Ha Giang city, the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang, are well-known for thatched houses.

Tha village is home to over 100 stilt houses with thatched-roof of the Tay ethnic group
A typical Tay wooden house on stilts in Tha village with palm roof and fish pond
Inside ​a traditional stilt house with palm roof of Tay ethnic people in Tha village

Basket – a daily necessity of Tay ethnic people

A peaceful afternoon in Tha village

Paddy drying in Phuong Do commune

Palm leaves are ​hung up on the fence for roof repairing

After each harvest, Tay ethnic people in Tha village put straw under the floor for cooking and cattle-feed

In addition to wet rice cultivation, Tay people in Phuong Do commune also raise goats

A corner of Ha Thanh village

Foreign tourists visit Ha Thanh village


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