Hà Nội prosecutors annul decision to arrest Đồng Tâm resident


Update: April, 21/2017 – 04:00

Chairman of Hà Nội People’s Committee Nguyễn Đức Chung yesterday met with Mỹ Đức District representatives to exchange views as they seek common ground on the land issue in Đồng Tâm Commune.—VNA/VNS Photo
HÀ NỘI — The capital city’s prosecuting agency, Hà Nội People’s Procuracy, today anulled a decision taken by the local police on April 15 relating to the arrest of a senior resident over a land-reclaimation protest.The anullment came in response a police department request that preventive measures relating to 82-year-old Lê Đình Kình, a resident of Đồng Tâm Commune in Mỹ Đức District, Hà Nội, be rescinded.

The police requested the anullment saying Kình had “admitted his wrongful acts” and have never been convicted previously.

Kình was arrested in the commune’s Hoành Village  on April 15 as part of investigations launched in the case of residents causing social unreston March 30.

Kình suffered some injuries during the arrest and was hospitalised. Three other people who were arrested along with Kình were released on April 18.

Earlier today, residents of Hoành Village also released Đặng Văn Cảnh, deputy head of the Publicity and Education Committee of Mỹ Đức District.

Cảnh told the local media later he was released because of his health condition.

“They let me go owing to my health. I was treated well during the last few days; the villagers treated decently all the other people that they held hostage,” Cảnh said.

“I wish the locals would keep calm,” he added.

The case relates to locals’ unhappiness with a decision to reclaim 50.03ha of land in Mỹ Lương, Trần Phú and Đồng Lạc communes of Chương Mỹ District and Đồng Tâm Commune in Mỹ Đức District. They had lodged complaints with district and city agencies.

Authorities maintained that the locals had trespassed upon military land, but residents denied the charge.

Last Saturday, when Hà Nội police arrested four alleged violators to investigate the case on “causing public disorder,” 38 city policemen and officials of Mỹ Đức were illegally detained by the villagers.

Fifteen of the hostages were freed on Monday.

Hà Nội’s People’s Committee Chairman Nguyễn Đức Chung visited Mỹ Đức District yesterday to talk to residents, but the issue was not resolved.

Chung said he would hold another meeting today with the residents of Đồng Tâm Commune.—VNS

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