Environment minister urges water conservation in Vietnam

Tuoi Tre News

Updated : 03/23/2017 18:35 GMT + 7

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha warned citizens at an event in northern Vietnam of the alarming scarcity of water, calling for the urgent conservation of water resources in the country.

A national campaign was organized in Bac Ninh Province on Wednesday morning to mark World Water Day, an event aimed at raising social awareness of water pollution and the importance of protecting resources.

The event was sponsored by Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper and Comfort, a Unilever brand in Vietnam.

Situated downstream of many major rivers, Vietnam faces significant challenges brought about by a lack of water resources, Minister Ha explained at the event.

“Two-thirds of the water in Vietnam’s rivers come from outside the territory,” the official pointed out, adding that the average volume in the country is about 3,600 cubic meters per person a year, compared to the global average of 4,000 cubic meters per person.

The extreme shortage of fresh water is present in regions across Vietnam and is only exacerbated by drought, salt water intrusion, and water pollution.

“Provinces in the central region, Central Highlands, and Mekong Delta have suffered serious consequences brought about by the problem,” Minister Ha stated.

Water is also being wasted in major cities, the official asserted, adding that the community must join hands to solve the issue.

He urged local residents and authorities at all levels to strive toward enacting measures to recycle wastewater and ensure the sustainable use of clean water.

According to Nguyen Dac Chien, chairman of the administration in Chi Lang Commune, Bac Ninh, water wastefulness is still common in the locality because residents mainly collect water from drilled wells.

Nguyen Tu Quynh, chairman of the Bac Ninh People’s Committee, said that climate change, population growth, and economic and social development have placed immense pressure on the nation’s water resource.

“National development will be meaningless if it does not ensure quality of life, in which clean water plays an essential role,” Quynh conclud


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