Nuclear Vs Non-Nuclear Powered Countries: 2016 Facts


The map above shows which countries have operating commercial nuclear power stations and which ones do not as of April, 2016. At last count, 31 countries generate at least some of their electricity needs via nuclear power.

Here are 13 interesting facts about these countries and nuclear power.

  • Fact #1: Only 15.5% of UN Member countries generate nuclear power (30 out of 193).
  • Fact #2: Taiwan is the only non-UN member to have commercial nuclear power plants.
  • Fact #3: North Korea is currently the only country known to have nuclear weapons and not have a nuclear power station (Note: Israel does not have any nuclear power plants either, but it has never confirmed whether or not they have nuclear weapons.)
  • Fact #4: In total, 60.3% of the world’s population live in countries with nuclear power stations, but these countries only cover cover 45.5% of the earth’s land area.
  • Fact #5: 10.9% of the world’s electricity production comes from nuclear.
  • Fact #6: Italy is the only country to have had operating nuclear power stations and then close them all down, although it imports electricity generated by nuclear power from France.
  • Fact #7: Slovenia is the smallest country, both by population (2 million) and land area (20,273 km²; 7,827 sq mi), to have nuclear power.
  • Fact #8: According to the IAEA, The United States has the largest number of nuclear generators (100) and produces the largest total amount of electricity (798,616 GWh) from nuclear (about 19.5% of the their total electricity).
  • Fact #9: France is the country that is most reliant on nuclear power, which accounts for 76.9% of its total electricity generation.
  • Fact #10: Antarctica and Australia are the only two continents not have any nuclear power stations, although Africa only has them in South Africa.
  • Fact #11: Australia is also the largest country by area not to have any nuclear power stations, but it is the world’s third largest producer of Uranium.
  • Fact #12: Indonesia is the most populous (259 million) country not to have nuclear power.
  • Fact #13: Europe has the largest number of countries that generate nuclear power (18 in total if you include Armenia and Russia), although North America has the largest share of countries (100%) that generate nuclear power.

Nuclear Power in Europe

Nuclear Power in Europe map showing power station locations, generating capacity and share of power generated by nuclear. Map created by Artemka via wikimedia.

Nuclear Power Share of Total

Map showing nuclear’s percentage share of each country’s total generating capacity. Map crated by NuclearVacuum via Wikimedia

* Note:Data comes form IAEA PRIS database and shows data for 2014. During this time Japan’s nuclear reactors were shut down for safety checks following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Prior to this, Japan generated around 25% of its power from nuclear.

Map showing plans for future nuclear plans by country. Map by AHMED XIV via Wikimedia


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