Philippines files 10 protests against China in 2 months over South China Sea row

There has been a series of incidents between the Philippines and China over disputed territory in the South China Sea. PHOTO: AFP

UPDATED 7:13 CH 27 THG 2, 2023 SGT

MANILA – The Philippines has filed 10 diplomatic protests against China over alleged “violations” in the South China Sea barely two months into 2023, underscoring renewed tensions between the two nations over the disputed waters.

These form part of the 77 diplomatic protests filed against China under President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Monday.

That is almost a fifth of the 388 protests filed over the six-year term of Mr Marcos’ predecessor, Mr Rodrigo Duterte.

“The Philippines continues to protest China’s persistent and illegal presence in Philippine waters, including those near Ayungin Shoal,” the agency said.

Beijing has been asserting its claims to a wide swathe of the South China Sea, including islands and reefs Manila sees as its own.

Earlier in February, the Philippines protested against China’s move to aim a military-grade laser at a Philippine ship in the contested territorial waters.

The United States has described China’s move as “provocative”, while Beijing has said the laser was not military grade. BLOOMBERG


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