Migrant worker fined for posting marriage ad in Taiwan

Vietnamese worker fined for advertising cross-cultural marriage for Taiwanese friend

  By Ching-Tse Cheng, Taiwan News, Staff Writer2021/03/20 15:22

(Pixabay photo)

(Pixabay photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A migrant worker was recently fined by the National Immigration Agency (NIA) for trying to recruit women from his home country of Vietnam to marry his Taiwanese friend, via an online advertisement.

In a news release on Friday (March 19), the NIA said the Vietnamese man violated Taiwan’s Immigration Act by posting a marriage ad on Facebook to attract foreign brides. The message in the advertisement was written in Vietnamese and personal details of his Taiwanese friend were provided, it said.

The NIA emphasized that it is illegal to promote cross-cultural marriages via advertisements, regardless of which language they are written in. It noted that more than 80 percent of individuals who flouted the law last year shared their advertisements on the Internet, adding that such offenses would incur fines of between NT$100,000 (US$3,521) and NT$500,000.

The agency urged foreign nationals in Taiwan to avoid promoting cross-cultural marriages as a form of merchandise on social media. Instead, they should attempt to set up actual meetings for their friends in the country and from home, it suggested.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese who are interested in marrying foreign brides should contact legal matchmaking organizations, the NIA said. Pursuing cross-national marriages through illegal ads could be considered as a breach of immigrant laws, it warned.

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