How Can Governments Attract Private Investment for the Green Energy Transition?

The world is not on track to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change. With 2030 just a decade away, and governments are under pressure to speed up the clean energy transition.

The good news is that: a) the technologies and the capital are available to accelerate the green energy transition, and b) the private sector is ready to invest billions of green dollars into decarbonization and clean energy.

But how can governments provide the institutional and regulatory frameworks that make it attractive for private companies and investors to invest in and deploy the needed solutions and technologies to accelerate the clean energy transition?

WRI, in partnership with leading clean energy company Ørsted, is working on new research (to be published in 2021) to identify concrete steps for governments across the world to address selected barriers to unlock private investment, de-risk decarbonization and get the world to a clean and prosperous future. Join us for a digital dialogue with representatives from global governments and the private sector as we explore these solutions.


  • Jakob Askou BøssSenior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Stakeholder Relations, Ørsted
  • Doreen HarrisActing President and CEO, NYSERDA
  • Eng. Isaac KivaSecretary for Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy, Kenya
  • Matthias SeewaldCIO, Allianz France, Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance
  • Jennifer LaykeGlobal Director, Energy Program, World Resources Institute (moderator)

About the Research

Investments in and deployment of clean energy – renewable energy and energy efficiency – are not happening at the required pace and scale to stabilize the climate system. Governments need to provide the right institutional and regulatory framework to make it attractive for private companies and investors to invest in and deploy the needed solutions and technologies. WRI and Ørsted, in acknowledgement of the urgent need to raise ambition on the energy transition, have partnered to create a cutting-edge paper which explores challenges for accelerating investments that accelerate and scale the clean energy transition and outlines how governments can address barriers. The paper will be published in 2021 Q1.

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