US Response on Human Trafficking

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US State Department

The United States has made the global fight against human trafficking a policy priority and employs a whole-of-government approach to stop human traffickers, protect victims, and prevent this crime.

Combating human trafficking requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary effort. Within government, this means the participation and coordination among agencies with a range of responsibilities, including criminal enforcement, labor enforcement, victim outreach and services, public awareness, education, trade policy and promotion, international development and programs, customs and immigration, intelligence, and diplomacy. Coordinated federal efforts that incorporate state, local, and tribal entities; the private sector; civil society; survivors; religious communities; and academia are essential to an integrated response to human trafficking that leverages resources and amplifies results.

Statement From The White House Press Secretary Regarding The National Action Plan To Combat Human Trafficking

October 22, 2020

This week, the White House released the first-ever comprehensive National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking.  The National Action Plan (NAP) represents the broad-based, multi-disciplinary, whole-of-government strategy of the United States to eradicate human trafficking.  This plan is built around the three pillars laid out in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000: Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution.  The NAP’s fourth pillar recognizes the invaluable benefit of implementing collaborative and cooperative efforts that crosscut all three pillars and involve a multitude of stakeholders and professionals from various disciplines and sectors.  Under the heading of each pillar, the NAP identifies foundational principles and associated priority action items.

Human trafficking is an intolerable blight on any society that values freedom, individual rights, human dignity, and the rule of law.  The Trump Administration is committed to leveraging every resource we have to confront this threat, support victims, and hold traffickers accountable.  To read the National Action Plan, please click here:  There is also an Executive Summary and One Page Brief that summarize the full plan.

Report Cover: The National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

  • Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 to:
    • GET HELP and connect with a service provider in your area;
    • REPORT A TIP with information on potential human trafficking activity; or
    • LEARN MORE by requesting training, technical assistance, or resources.

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