China to boost non-refundable aid for Vietnam

Deputy foreign ministers of the two countries met and discussed bilateral relationships


​China to boost non-refundable aid for Vietnam
Vietnam’s Deputy Foreign Minister Le Hoai Trung (R) shakes hands with his Chinese counterpart Kong Xuanyou in Guangzhou on February 5, 2018. Photo: Vietnam News Agency

China has promised to boost its non-refundable aid for Vietnam during a regular meeting between the two countries’ foreign ministries.

The annual Vietnam-China deputy foreign ministers’ meeting was held in Guangzhou Province on February 5 and 6, aimed at reviewing the bilateral ties in 2017 and discussing cooperation plans between the two parties in 2018.

During the gathering, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Hoai Trung and his Chinese counterpart Kong Xuanyou agreed that the two nations’ relationship had achieved positive development over the past year.

In order to further cement the bilateral cooperation for 2018, the two high-ranking officials consented on implement high-level agreements and common perceptions, as well as strengthening political trust by maintaining visits and meetings between senior leaders.

The two sides also looked into partnership in diplomacy, national defense and security, economic matters, trade and investment, tourism, science and technology, transport, agriculture, and environmental protection.

They reached agreements on facilitating the entry of Vietnamese products into the Chinese market, especially farm produce, milk and dairy products, fruit, seafood and pork.

China promised to expedite the implementation of its credit packages and non-refundable aid for Vietnam.

Vietnamese and Chinese localities, particularly those along the common border, will be encouraged to enhance exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation, which will help intensify the friendship, mutual trust and understanding between the two nations.

Efforts will be exerted to realize legal documents on land borders, contributing to building a common border of peace, stability, friendship, and cooperation.

Minister Trung and Kong agreed that the maintenance of negotiation mechanisms for sea-related issues has helped intensify mutual understanding and reached specific progress.

In the spirit of frankness and friendship, they discussed issues regarding the recent situation in the East Vietnam Sea.

China has remained Vietnam’s biggest trade partner, while Vietnam has become China’s largest trade partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the foreign officials said.

They highlighted the improvement in ties between two peoples, mentioning the inauguration of the Vietnam-China Friendship Palace and the Chinese Cultural Center in Hanoi.


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