APEC 2017

In English:

In Vietnamese:

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About Phạm Thu Hương

I am a translator, author and administrator of Dotchuoinon.com - This is the only Vietnamese-language website devoted exclusively to positive thinking, founded by Dr Tran Dinh Hoanh, an attorney in Washington DC (USA) and author of a book series in Vietnamese on Positive Thinking. I am also administrator of UNCLOS Forum (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Forum), a forum on UNCLOS and the East Sea (South China Sea) disputes, and CVD, a website for Conversations on Vietnam Development, both also founded by Dr Tran Dinh Hoanh. I am studying the Bible and Buddhism. I graduated with B.Sc. in Biotechnology Engineering from Hue University of Sciences. I love living with nature. I practice Aikido and the Energy Training exercise system for health, and enjoy life beauty as a hobby.

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