US President Trump to be in Vietnam for regional summit


Updated : 04/21/2017 07:46 GMT + 7

U.S. President Donald Trump holds a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 20, 2017.

U.S. President Donald Trump will attend three summits in Asia in November, one of which will be hosted by the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang, Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday after a meeting with ASEAN secretary general Le Luong Minh.

President Trump will arrive in Da Nang for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, Reuters quoted Pence as saying during a visit to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) headquarters in Jakarta on Thursday. Tiếp tục đọc

US, Asia-Pacific allies rolling out F-35 stealth fighter

  • By audrey mcavoy, associated press

HONOLULU — Mar 17, 2017, 3:15 AM ET

The U.S. and its Asia-Pacific allies are rolling out their new stealth fighter jet, a cutting-edge plane that costs about $100 million each.

The U.S. Air Force this week hosted allies and partners in Hawaii for a symposium on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which can sneak undetected behind enemy radar.

Brig. Gen. Craig Wills, the strategic plans director at Pacific Air Forces, said the U.S. wanted to share its experiences with the F-35 and F-22, another stealth fighter, with allies and partners so they wouldn’t have to learn everything on their own. Tiếp tục đọc

Marine Corps to Protect China’s Growing Interest in Asia-Pacific Region

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Asia & Pacific

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China plans to increase the number of its Marine Corps units from 20,000 to 100,000 in order to protect its vital marine communications and growing interests abroad, according to Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post citing military sources and experts.

The publication refers to the Chinese logistics base in Djibouti and port of Gwadar in the southwest of Pakistan. The areas of protection of interests also include the Korean Peninsula, the East China and South China Sea, and land and sea territories along the Silk Road, including Afghanistan.The newspaper further noted that the Chinese marine contingent has been nearly doubled to the existing 20,000 by transferring two regular army brigades to their squad. Tiếp tục đọc

Incheon Airport has best customer service in Asia-Pacific: Award

Singapore’s Changi Airport came in joint-second with Delhi Airport and Mumbai Airport in the region, according to the Airports Council International World’s 2016 Airport Service Quality Awards.

SINGAPORE: Changi Airport lost out to Seoul’s Incheon Airport to be the region’s airport with the best customer service.

The Singapore airport came in joint-second with Delhi Airport and Mumbai Airport, while Beijing Airport and Haikou Airport were joint-third for the region, according to Airports Council International (ACI) World’s 2016 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards. Tiếp tục đọc

Bribery, corruption plague Asia Pacific region, survey shows

India has the highest bribery rate among the 16 Asia Pacific countries surveyed in Transparency International's report.

India has the highest bribery rate among the 16 Asia Pacific countries surveyed in Transparency International’s report.  (Transparency International)

More than 900 million people in 16 Asian Pacific countries are experiencing bribery and corruption, according to a report by Transparency International published Tuesday.

This report was released at a crucial time — when many governments in the Asia Pacific region are preparing their plans to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tiếp tục đọc

Asia-Pacific States Are Buying Arms at Record Post-Cold War Levels

Asia-Pacific freedom tested: US admiral

By Peter Mitchell, AAP US Correspondent Australian Associated Press

One of America’s top military commanders has painted a bleak picture of the Asia-Pacific, declaring freedom, justice and the rules-based international order hang in the balance.

Admiral Harry Harris, head of the US Pacific Command, told a conference in San Diego the path to stability in the region faces four considerable challenges: North Korea, China, Russia and Islamic State.

He warned the US would “co-operate where we can, but we’ll be ready to confront where we must”. Tiếp tục đọc

Boeing to build satellite to increase Asia Pacific connectivity

Spaceflight Insider

305787_jcsat-18_702_kacific_3-high-res-1280x720Boeing will build a 702 satellite to expand communication for mobile telephone, data and internet users throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Caption and Image Credit: Beoing

Boeing announced Feb. 20, 2017, that it has contracted to build a satellite for two customers: SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation and Kacific Broadband Satellites. The new “702 satellite” will provide expanded coverage for mobile, telephone, data, and internet users across the Asia Pacific region.

“The scalable Boeing 702 satellite is a flight-proven design that we are evolving to meet the future needs of our customers,” said Mark Spiwak, president of Boeing Satellite Systems International, in a press release. Tiếp tục đọc

Asia-Pacific free trade talks progressing well: China

Yahoo! News 21 February 2017

Beijing, Feb 21 (IANS) China’s Trade Minister on Tuesday said talks on the proposed Asia-Pacific free trade agreement are progressing well, after the US withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement last month.

Gao Hucheng said at a news conference in Beijing that talks for setting up the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership — that would include 16 countries from the Asia-Pacific region — are progressing smoothly, and expressed confidence that they will be concluded soon after certain challenges were addressed, Efe news reported. Tiếp tục đọc

2 maps that explain US strategy in Asia-Pacific

Business Insider

The two countries are crucial US allies in Asia, and both face serious threats in their near abroad.

Discussing security threats, though, wasn’t the main goal of Mattis’s trip. He was there to assure both countries that the Trump administration will not abandon the US alliance structure in the Pacific. Tiếp tục đọc

Head of U.S. Pacific Command urges democracy in Thailand

Japan times

AP Feb 14, 2017

The highest-ranking U.S. military official to visit Thailand since a 2014 coup urged the country to restore democracy, saying Tuesday that America needs “a strong and stable ally” in Southeast Asia.

Adm. Harry Harris, the head of the U.S. Pacific Command, spoke at the start of the annual Cobra Gold joint military exercises, the largest in the Asia-Pacific region.

The U.S. is vying with an increasingly powerful China for influence in Asia.

“We look forward to Thailand’s reemergence as a flourishing democracy because we need Thailand as a strong and stable ally,” Harris said. “We need Thailand to get back to being the regional and global leader that it always has been.”

Twenty-nine countries, including China, India and Malaysia, are participating in or observing the exercises.

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E-mail click rates plunge 12.5% in Asia Pacific


E-mail click rates in Asia Pacific in Q3 2016 (July to September) have plunged 12.5% from Q2 – a likely consequence of a 53% increase in the average number of e-mails delivered per company at the same period, the latest study from Epsilon showed.

The analysis was compiled from 772 million e-mails sent by approximately 60 company in Q3 2016 across Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

E-mail open rates also showed a mild drop from 16.6% to 16.4%. In Q3 2015 the e-mail open rates was 19.6%. Non-bounce rates decreased slightly to 96.2% from 96.7% in Q2 2016 and are slightly higher than Q3 2015 (95.1%). Among all the email sent,  triggered messages accounted for 1.8% of total email volume in Q3 2016, above Q2 2016 (1.2%) and higher than Q1 2016 (0.8%). Tiếp tục đọc

Đà Nẵng “chạy nước rút” đón APEC 2017

THANH HẢI 9:19 AM, 03/02/2017

Chưa đầy 10 tháng nữa, APEC 2017 sẽ được tổ chức tại Đà Nẵng. Đây là một sự kiện lớn của Việt Nam, là cột mốc lịch sử của Đà Nẵng trong công cuộc phát triển kinh tế-xã hội. Ngay từ những ngày đầu tiên của năm mới Đinh Dậu 2017, không khí đón APEC đã ngập tràn Đà Nẵng …

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Tổng quan về APEC

HNKT – 24/07/2015 | 00:00:00


Sau Đại chiến thế giới lần thứ hai, thế giới lâm vào cuộc khủng hoảng kinh tế nghiêm trọng. Những nỗ lực cải cách kinh tế, mở rộng thương mại, tạo đà cho kinh tế đi lên đã gặp phải trở ngại lớn, đó là chủ nghĩa bảo hộ mậu dịch và tình trạng phân biệt đối xử trong buôn bán thương mại quốc tế. Tiếp tục đọc

Asia’s Biggest Issues in 2017: Experts Weigh In

Asia Foundation

January 4, 2017

In 2016, Asia was rocked by major events that tested the region’s perseverance and proved its strength. While many countries in the region proved to be economically resilient and politically stable, others were challenged by shifting alliances and leadership change, including the passing of a beloved monarch, and threats of regional security and resource shortfalls. To find out just what to expect in 2017, I asked Asia Foundation experts to share what they view will be the pivotal issue in their respective countries this year. Here are perspectives from 18 countries. — In Asia editor, Alma Freeman


Afghanistan will continue to face challenges in 2017 to provide adequate employment opportunities for its youth. Besides the problem of “brain drain” that persisted in 2016, an inevitable and significant increase in the number of Afghan returnees from Pakistan and Iran will need to be addressed through a comprehensive employment and reintegration program. Prolonged and inconclusive peace negotiations with the Taliban, coupled with delays in conducting parliamentary elections, could further damage the National Unity Government’s legitimacy in 2017. — Abdullah Ahmadzai, country representative Tiếp tục đọc