Hang Pagoda attracts visitors to Ly Son Island

Last update 11:22 | 30/06/2017

The Hang (Cave) Pagoda is a “must see” destination for visitors to Ly Son, one of the most beautiful islands in the central province of Quang Ngai.

The pagoda is in the north of Thoi Loi Mountain where a crater has helped create a large lake. The path winds around mountains giving visitors views of beautiful landscapes.

The Hang Pagoda was built during the rule of Emperor Le Kinh Tong (1588-1619), and is called so because it is situated inside a large cave.

The pagoda has a large yard with a lotus lake at the centre and a statue of the Goddess of Mercy looking out to sea.

Around the yard are ancient tropical almond trees creating an imposing scene. In front of the pagoda is a well called “Heaven”.

Visitors often try to get a little bit of water from the stalactites in the cave believing it will relieve them of tiredness.

The main worship hall is in the centre of the main cave. Altars were created from stalagmites and carved with unique patterns.

Traces of the Champa culture are found in the pagoda.


Chùa Hang

Kiến trúc chùa tạo nên từ các hang động nằm trong lòng núi Thới Lới

Một con đường thông sâu vào trong núi nhỏ và tối

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Chùa Hang Lý Sơn

Du lịch Lý Sơn - chùa hang

Chùa Hang - Lý Sơn


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