A glance at Tay Ninh, the capital of Caodaism

Last update 10:23 | 20/06/2017

 Founded in 1926 in Tay Ninh province, the Caodaism worships the Divine Eye, known as the eye of heaven and a symbol of its supreme being. It is now the third largest religion in Vietnam.

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The Tay Ninh Holy See, the centre of Caodaism in Vietnam, was completed in 1947, covering an area of more than one sq.km with twelve gates.
The Tay Ninh Holy See has unique architecture ​that combines various religious styles – Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, Confucianism, Hindu and more.
At the centre of the Holy See’s main temple lies a sphere, the Universe Globe, with the giant Divine Eye shining out on it. The all-seeing Divine Eye represents the eye of heaven and the symbol of the religion’s Supreme Being.
The Divine Eye also appears in the windows at the main temple of the Tay Ninh Holy See.

A religious ritual in the Tay Ninh Holy See.

Dragon dance performance in ‘Dai Le Via Duc Chi Ton’, an annual festival dedicating to Caodaism’s Supreme Being in Tay Ninh Holy See.

A crowd of local residents and tourists attend an exhibition on traditional musical instrument by ​Khmer followers of Caodaism during the festival ‘Dai Le Via Duc Chi Ton’.

A group of musicians are performing in the festival ‘Dai Le Via Duc Chi Ton’.

Hundreds of Caodai followers in Tay Ninh join celebrations of the festival ‘Dai Le Via Duc Chi Ton’.

A girl in white traditional robe join the crowd in celebration of the festival ‘Dai Le Via Duc Chi Ton’.


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  1. Sao Minh khong thay rung thong Ben hong thanh that ?!? Du le nua dem, thanh that lung linh huyen ao, trong rung thong ….cung su trang trong cua dao si, de lai cho minh mot dau an thu 1, dau an thu 2, co nguoi anh, duoc moi ve nham chuc, rector dai hoc Cao Dai, duoc 18 thang, di cai tao 12 nam ….nhung chua 1 loi noi xau che do . Dat Tay Ninh, da co nhieu ” thieu gia ” , giau sang, hoc gioi, bo tat ca sau lung, de di khang chien, theo Cach mang, nhu bac Đặng Tri Nhân …..

    Số lượt thích

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