Bình Thuận temporarily bans mollusc and bivalve exploitation

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Update: March, 29/2017 – 17:30

Bình Thuận has issued a temporary ban on the exploitation of molluscs and bivalves across its sea waters. — Photo thuysanvietnam.com.vn

BÌNH THUẬN — The southern central province of Bình Thuận has issued a temporary ban on the exploitation of molluscs and bivalves across its sea waters as part of an effort to protect and regenerate dwindling marine resources.

The ban will take effect from April 1 to July 31, restricting fishermen and organisations from gathering molluscs and bivalves, the local seafood specialties that include scallops and clams.

The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has assigned its Fisheries Division to coordinate with agriculture and economic agencies in coastal districts and towns to inform local fishermen, ship owners and seafood traders of the ban.

The agriculture sector, border-guard stations and People’s Committees at coastal districts and communes have been asked to strictly inspect and punish any violations.

Bình Thuận is known as one of the biggest fishing grounds in the country. It is home to special kinds of sea bivalves and mollusks that fetch high prices.

However, in recent years, marine resource reserves in the province have declined due to the deployment of illegal and unsustainable methods including catching fish fry, fishing during the marine creature’s reproductive season and the use of explosives.

In order to protect the resources of molluscs and bivalves, restrictions have been imposed every year since 2000 during the reproductive season.

To effectively manage the exploitation of aquatic products and to enhance the reproduction of aquatic resources, especially scallops, the province has implemented two projects on building a community management model for protection and regeneration, as well as improving the efficiency of using marine resources in the coastal areas of Tuy Phong and Hàm Thuận Nam districts. — VNS


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