Da Nang’s coastline suffers serious erosion


Updated : 03/11/2017 09:37 GMT + 7

Authorities in the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang are scratching their heads to figure out an effective measure to curb the increasingly serious erosion along the local coastline.

On Thursday morning, secretary of the municipal Party Committee Nguyen Xuan Anh and vice-chairman of the city’s administration Tran Van Mien led a team of officials to inspect the situation.

The erosion occurs in a stretch of several kilometers along the shoreline from Man Thai Ward, Son Tra District to Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District.

Previously spanning about 100 meters wide, the beach running along Vo Nguyen Giap Street now measures only 40 meters in width due to the phenomenon.

Several facilities providing a variety of services for beachgoers in the area have been forced to move close to the road.

The serious coastal erosion has also compromised local tourism as potential investors are now concerned that their business operations would be affected.

Local residents and visitors have also been banned from swimming at several locations for the sake of their own safety.

According to a report of Le Quang Nam, director of the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the phenomenon was brought about by the effect of monsoon.

Nam ruled out the potential cause from local constructions as no projects have a direct impact on the shoreline.

“However, the inspection showed that wastewater discharged to the sea from several sewers accompanied with heavy rains has led to the erosion,” the official stated.

The situation happens every year when monsoons hit the city, he elaborated, adding that it has been more severe this year.

Mai Ma, director of the Da Nang Drainage and Wastewater Management Company, confirmed that downpours and wastewater have washed away thousands of cubic meters of sand from the beaches.

Ma suggested that the sewers be put underground to prevent sand from wearing away.

Secretary Anh asserted that certain measures have to be carried out to protect the city’s valuable coastline.


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