E-mail click rates plunge 12.5% in Asia Pacific


E-mail click rates in Asia Pacific in Q3 2016 (July to September) have plunged 12.5% from Q2 – a likely consequence of a 53% increase in the average number of e-mails delivered per company at the same period, the latest study from Epsilon showed.

The analysis was compiled from 772 million e-mails sent by approximately 60 company in Q3 2016 across Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

E-mail open rates also showed a mild drop from 16.6% to 16.4%. In Q3 2015 the e-mail open rates was 19.6%. Non-bounce rates decreased slightly to 96.2% from 96.7% in Q2 2016 and are slightly higher than Q3 2015 (95.1%). Among all the email sent,  triggered messages accounted for 1.8% of total email volume in Q3 2016, above Q2 2016 (1.2%) and higher than Q1 2016 (0.8%).

Its open rates and click rates outperform those using the business as usual methodology (BAU): Triggered open rates were 190.2% higher than BAU in Q3 2016, lower than the Q2 2016 lift of 213.9% over BAU. As for triggered click rates, it was 460.7% higher in Q3 2016, notably higher than the Q2 2016 lift of 250% over BAU.

During a recent Marketing Customer Experience Conference 2016, Per Caroe, global evangelist at IBM Commerce said some challenges to e-mail marketing mentioned are quality of email database, poor measurement and analytics, lack of skills and training and lack of relevant content and integration.

When using e-mail marketing in your communication strategy,  personalising your approach is essential. He stressed the need for a strong database with clean data to ensure marketers are delivering the right customised message to the right person.

He added marketing automation should also be in the minds of all marketers today as it can easily aid any e-mail marketing campaign. E-mail has been one of the front runners in reaching consumers since the introduction of the internet, said Caroe.

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