Council on Foreign Relations: Monitor World Conflicts

Council on Foreign Relations: Monitor World Conflicts
Tensions in the East China Sea The Global Conflict Tracker identifies conflicts around the world, follows their evolution, and assesses their impact on U.S. national security. Our newly redesigned and expertly researched tool from CFR’s Center for Preventive Action includes live data, background information, the latest developments, and critical resources to provide insight on the world’s strife.
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Conflict in Ukraine
Conflict status: Worsening
Russia’s military invasion risks a wider European conflict. Stay up to date.
War in Afghanistan
Conflict status: Worsening
Decades of instability continue amid the 2021 Taliban takeover. Read about the history.
North Korea Crisis
Conflict status: Unchanging
The nation’s leader continues to provoke a global crisis with his nuclear ambitions. Learn about attempts at rapprochement.
Conflict with Al-Shabab
Conflict status: Unchanging
Up to 450 U.S. troops return to Somalia for a mission against the al-Qaeda affiliate. Stay current.
Monitor Conflicts and Their Effects
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