Companies in Mekong Delta fined, prosecuted for being sources of Covid

vietnamnet 13/11/2021    08:39 GMT+7

Covid developments in Mekong Delta provinces as of November 11 morning remained complicated.

Companies in Mekong Delta fined, prosecuted for being sources of Covid

Chau Ba Thao Company

Bac Lieu reported 291 positive cases within 24 hours, including 97 community transmission cases, raising the total number of infections to 6,200.

Gia Rai commune and Bac Lieu City are the two hotspots in the province. The hotbeds at Tan Khoi Seafood Import/Export Company and Chau Ba Thao Seafood Company in Gia Rai Town are the most serious.

The hotbed at Tan Khoi was found after a worker went to the Gia Rai medical center to have a health examination and tested positive. To date, 700 infections have been found.

The local authorities have imposed a administration fine of VND20 million on the two companies for not observing anti-pandemic measures as required by competent agencies.

Prior to that, F88 Business JSC and Dong Anh Cosmetics, located in Bac Lieu City, were prosecuted by the police for violating regulations on safety in crowded places.

On August 23, P.N.A, 30, a worker of F88, who lives in Ward 7, tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. The patient was taken away for concentrated quarantine. At 3am on the same day, Bac Lieu province Chair Pham Van Thieu released a decision on isolating Bac Lieu City and imposing anti-pandemic solutions as stipulated in Directive 16 on other districts.

On August 27, the police searched the office and residences of contacts. 145 positive cases were found and 501 close contacts were found.

On October 21, the police arrested Phan Ngoc An, head of transaction division of F88.

An was found doing business despite the decision on suspending business to prevent the virus spread. The behavior led to a loss of VND1.5 billion.

The police also prosecuted Dong Anh Cosmetics on the same charge.

N.H.N, 24, director of the company, was an indirect contact and was subject to a 14-day home quarantine. But during that time, N went to some places in Bac Lieu City and contacted many people.

On September 9, she tested positive. There were seven positive cases and 31 contacts related to the case.

In Ca Mau province, the police arrested Nguyen Chi Tam, 39, Director of Thanh am Seafood. They have taken legal proceedings against him for violating regulations on safety in crowded places.

Tam was found running production without permission from competent agencies.

The first case in the hotbed at Thanh Tam Company (30 cases) was a female worker, discovered on August 21.

In TienGiang, ChauThanh District police on October 26 conducted an urgent search at Me Kong Seafood in Binh Duc district and prosecuted the criminal case of violating regulations on safety in crowded places.

As many as 85 cases in the hotbed were found through tests as of October 25 after the first case was found on October 21. 

Thien Chi

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