Surfacing Innovative Solutions for Reducing Marine Plastic Pollution

Over 8 million metric tonnes (MMT) of plastic leaks into the oceans every year. Approximately 80 percent of this comes from land-based sources such as beach litter and sewage effluent, including waste entering through rivers. About 60 percent of land-based plastic waste leakage originates in five countries, all of which are in Asia: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. In a business-as-usual scenario, these countries are likely to more than double their plastic waste by 2025.

This study evaluates solutions available to reduce marine plastic pollution in Indonesia,the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The insights cited in this report are based on deskbased reviews and semi-structured interviews conducted with AVPN members and a range of social purpose organisations (SPOs), including nonprofits and social enterprises.

It will:

  1. Provide desk-based landscape analysis of the current situation in these countries;
  2. Highlight the interventions applied so far;
  3. Identify challenges and opportunities for future social investment.


Download the full report or read the executive summary.

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