Hanoi’s calm corner

Last update 09:00 | 10/09/2017

When visiting Hanoi, many people have the same feeling that the city is narrow, crowded, hurried and noisy. However, that is only true when describing Hanoi during the day. Hanoi at mid-night or early morning is a very different place.

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The peaceful and serene space of Ba Dinh square – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum after the flag lowering ceremony 

The staff of Hanoi Urban Environment one member state-owner limited company (URENCO), quietly complete their work, contributing to keeping Hanoi green, clean and beautiful.

Quang Ba Flower Market remains crowded and bustling when the city has fallen asleep. Flowers at the market are brought in from neighboring areas such as Dong Anh, Tay Tuu and Gia Lam.

Flower sellers select the freshest, most beautiful flowers, and then gently wrap them in paper or plastic.

Customers in Quang Ba Flower Market are either the owners of flower shops in the city or simply just flower lovers, who wish to have beautiful flowers of their own choosing.

Long Bien Market is the largest fruit supplier in Hanoi. In the middle of the night, fruit is transported to the market by cars and motorcycles. The stalls in close proximity to each other glow in an area under the Long Bien bridge.

The products at the market are diverse in type and quantity.

The labourers here are mainly women, who do many things from fruit classification to loading.

The ladies have thin bodies, with old work clothes and torn hats. They hurry, rushing with shipments in the hope of getting as much as they could carry.

In the early morning, at a corner of Hoan Kiem Lake, employees of the National Newspapers Distribution Company will categorize each new newspaper before moving them to the newsstands in the city.

At present, network news has developed at a high speed, but buying a paper newspaper in the morning is still a habit of many people in Hanoi.

In other corners, people relax in cool weather.

The early morning market around the lake attracts housewives after their exercise session.

The people relax in the fresh air early in the morning around Hoan Kiem Lake.

Nhan Dan

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