4 sentenced to death for drug trafficking

VietNamNet Bridge – The People’s Court in Ha Noị has sentenced four men to death for illegally transporting 75 bricks of heroin.

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The People’s Court in Ha Noị on Thursday sentenced four men to death for illegally transporting 75 bricks of heroin. – VNA/VNS Photo

They are Tran Van Dong, 26, and Tran Van Truong, 32, residents of Ea Kar District in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak; and Nguyen Minh Truong, 20, and Nguyen Trieu Vy, 21, from Cam Lam and Cam Ranh District in the central province of Khanh Hoa.

According to indictment, on April 14, 2016, the drug prevention police under the Ministry of Public Security found Vy and Truong behaving suspiciously while driving a motorbike. The police asked them to stop and seized 30 bricks of heroin.

With the help of the testimony of Vy and Truong, the police urgently arrested two more members of the ring – Tran Thanh Dong and Nguyen Minh Truong.

Following investigation, the police clarified that on April 12, 2016, Truong travelled to Ha Noi following Dong’s directions to meet Vy, and then both went to Chuong My District of Ha Noi to get the drugs.

On the way to the meeting place, they received a strange phone call asking them go to Mai Chau District in northern Hoa Binh Province on motorcycles to collect the drugs.

Vy and Truong on the way to Hoa Binh Province delivered their motorbikes to two strange people to hide drugs in the trunk.

After waiting a while, they got back the two motorcycles. They were caught red-handed during their return.

Expanding the investigation, the police also discovered four more defendants transporting 45 bricks of heroin from the end of 2015 to April 2016.

The total quantity of illegal drugs transported by Dong and his accomplices reached 75 bricks of heroin, equivalent to more than 20kg.

In court on Monday, the defendants admitted to the serious crime.

Source: VNS

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