Will the mountain of nix particles in Khanh Hoa be cleared?

Last update 07:10 | 01/08/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Scientists are concerned about the nix particle treatment solution planned by Hyundai Vinashin (HVS), saying that the particles may be dispersed in the air during transportation. 

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HVS, the Khanh Hoa-based shipbuilding yard, has signed a contract with three companies on carrying nix particles (copper slag) out of Khanh Hoa province to be provided to factories which will use the particles as additives in cement manufacturing.

According to Phung Chi Sy from the Institute of Tropical Technology and Environmental Protection, nix particles contain iron oxide, copper oxide and silicon oxide. Previously, Hyundai Vinashin used nix particles to clean the hulls of the ships at the shipyard.

Now nix particles can be used as additive to mix into other elements such as limestone, clay and plaster to make cement.

“Cement manufacturers collected iron oxide from super phosphate factories to serve cement production. And they can now do the same with nix particles,” he explained.

It is estimated that every ton of cement needs 5-7 kilos of nix particle additives. If using nix particles as additives, cement manufacturers won’t have to import materials.

It is estimated that every ton of cement needs 5-7 kilos of nix particle additives. If using nix particles as additives, cement manufacturers won’t have to import materials.

“Vietnam churns out tens of millions of tons of cement every year. Therefore, the mountain of nix particles with 1 million tons can satisfy demand,” Sy said.

However, the expert said before putting the nix particles into use as additive for the cement manufacturing, HVS and collection companies must carry out experiments to prove that using the additive won’t cause toxic effects.

He warned that Hyundai Vinashin needs to check information to be sure that the three transportation companies have function and capability to fulfill the transportation task.

Tran Tuan Hiep, former president of the Hanoi Transport University, confirmed that nix particles can be used as additive for cement production. However, he commented that HVS has been going too slowly in dealing with the mountain of nix particles.

Hiep said he discovered 10 years ago that using nix particles to clean ship hulls would produce dust thus leading to pollution.

He contacted Hyundai Vinashin to discuss the treatment of nix particles, but there was no reply.

He also said he could not understand why HVS intends to treat the particles in other localities.

“It would be less costly to treat the particles in Khanh Hoa province of the neighboring province of Phu Yen because HVS won’t have to pay for the transportation cost,” he said.

“Nix particle are heavy, 1.5 times heavier than sand. During the transport the particles may spread in the air,” he warned.


It’ll take 10 years to treat HVS’ nix particles

The companies which cause serious pollution

Kim Chi

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