Red Dao wedding ceremony

Last update 14:56 | 17/04/2017

The Red Dao ethnic community in the northern province of Lao Cai has a rich culture. Their wedding ceremony is among these cultural features.

A Dan Tri reporter recently attended the wedding ceremony of bride Tan U May and groom Tan A Hin in Pho Village, Ban Quam Commune. The event lasted for two days with most of the activities held at the groom’s family.

On the first day of the wedding, the bride’s family came to the groom’s house. The bride wore the Red Dao ethnic people’s traditional clothes

She wore a very special hat

Meanwhile, the groom’s family was preparing a feast

The two families met and then bowed to one another

The bride greeted the groom’s family

Offering alcohol at the yard of the groom’s house

The bride came into a tent next to the groom’s house, but had to stay there until the next day’s morning before going into the groom’s house

The tent was used for the bride’s family to stay overnight

The two families enjoyed the feast

On the second day, the groom got up early to prepare the wedding clothes

The bride was taken to the groom’s house at a nice time chosen by a magician.

The couple worshiped the ancestors

A shaman prayed to the deities to grant good fortune and happiness for the couple

Finally was the ceremony to wash face for parents of the couple to express their gratitude

Participants gave their best wishes to the couple


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