City cracks down on mystery meat


Update: June, 09/2017 – 09:00

A meat market in HCM City. — VNA/VNS Photo Thế Anh
Viet Nam News HCM CITY — Pork without clear origins will not be allowed to be sold in HCM City’s two main wholesale markets–Hóc Môn and Bình Điền–starting next month, the city administration has announced.

The city will closely control the origin of pork at wholesale markets at first, and after July 30 the policy will be applied to other food products, deputy chairman of the city’s People’s Committee Trần Vĩnh Tuyến told a meeting with the city’s Food Safety Management Board and officials from 24 districts on Wednesday.

From September 15, pork without clear origins would not be sold in the city at all, he said.

“In reality, even traceable foods might not be safe foods, but we must know their origin to control and then make the next step of choosing clean and safe food.”

Tuyến also called on all district authorities to submit detailed plans to eliminate unplanned pavement markets by July 15.

These markets are the main source of unsafe foods, he said.

They are found mostly in export processing zones and industrial parks where many low-income people live.

The Department of Industry and Trade should have more mobile shops selling price-stabilised goods in these areas to meet the needs of those people, he said.

The city seeks to eliminate pavement markets by June next year, a difficult task but one which the city is determined to accomplish, he said.

Tuyến also ordered relevant agencies to soon put an end to illegal slaughter of animals and counterfeit goods.

But if the problems persist, the chairmen and vice chairmen of the districts must take responsibility, he warned.

Also at the meeting, he told the Food Safety Management Board to think of certifying unsafe trading establishments and shops that do not meet food safety regulations.

He said this would be more effective than issuing food safety certificates. — VNS

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One thought on “City cracks down on mystery meat

  1. Mình đã nói vài lần rồi. Giá thịt lơn tự nhiên xuống ồ ạt, thì lý giải hợp lý nhất là có đại gia (hay nhiều đại gia đồng lõa) thịt lợn ở VN tăng lượng thịt ồ ạt trên thị trường để đánh nông dân chết. (Thịt nhập lậu không thể vào ồ ạt đến mức ảnh hưởng giá cả nhanh như thế, và nếu là thịt nước ngoài nhập vào làm xuống giá thì mọi người biết ngay, qua giấy tờ thuế quan).

    Hôm nay thông tin này nói về kiểm soát thịt lợn thiếu nguồn gốc. Nông dân nuôi vài con lợn đi bán thịt không thể có nguồn gốc. Và như thế là sẽ bị out of the market.

    Nếu việc kiểm soát nguồn gốc này đến từ các đại gia, mình không ngạc nhiên chút nào.

    Các quý vị nhà nước có biết think hay không vậy?

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