HCM City residents plagued by overloaded dumps

Last update 11:57 | 21/04/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City faces a shortage of garbage collection stations, with empty pavements in public areas often used as makeshift stations.

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A garbage collection station in District 3 of HCM City. 

At the collection stations, rubbish is collected, sorted for disposal and then transferred to dumping sites or treatment zones, but these unhygienic tasks have been performed in public areas.

Meanwhile, current garbage stations are dilapidated and overloaded, polluting the environment and becoming a nightmare for those living nearby.

A garbage collection station located at the Quang Trung-Tan Son Intersection in Go Vap District is an example. The station has become a nightmare for local people, including hundreds of students and teachers from the school nearby.

Le Van Truc, resident in Ward 8, told Ha Noi Moi (New Ha Noi) newspaper that the garbage collection station was built ten years ago, causing a terrible odour and traffic chaos.

He said locals asked authorised agencies to move the station, but received no reply.

In the area near September 23 Park in District 1, three stations plague the downtown area of the city. The one on Hai Ba Trung Road has become overloaded due to the large amount of rubbish collected from Ben Nghe and Ben Thanh wards.

Pham Le Nghia, resident in Ben Nghe Ward, said garbage was collected twice a day. Tiếp tục đọc

HCM City asks State for additional $2 billion of ODA


Update: April, 18/2017 – 09:00

HCM City has asked the government to allocate an additional VNĐ48.76 trillion (US$2.14 billion) worth of ODA funds for the city to continue work on two projects. — VNA/VNS Photo Mạnh Linh
Viet Nam News HCM CITY —  HCM City authorities have asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Ministry of Finance to allocate an additional VNĐ48.762 trillion (US$2.14 billion) of official development assistance (ODA) in the next three years, with VNĐ8 trillion ($352.33 million) allocated for this year.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has urged the city to work with the government to request more funds to implement two JICA-funded projects this year.

The work includes construction on metro line No 1 Bến Thành-Suối Tiên and the second phase of a water environment improvement project on the Tàu Hủ-Bến Nghé-Đôi-Tẻ canal.

Under commitments with the contractors, annual ODA loans needed for the two projects would reach VNĐ29.512 trillion ($1.3 billion) by 2020, and VNĐ7 trillion ($308.34 million) for this year. Tiếp tục đọc

Erotic massage parlors publicly advertised in Ho Chi Minh City

Tuoi Tre News

Updated : 04/17/2017 15:52 GMT + 7

Erotic massage parlors have mushroomed in Ho Chi Minh City recently, with competent authorities struggling to find a permanent solution.

Their illegal operation is not a new issue in the southern Vietnamese city, with a handful of facilities busted every year.

A boom is these types of businesses has been recorded again in recent months, with their services even marketed in public places like local diners, coffee shops and bars.

In several city districts during the evening, people can be approached by young men who lay pieces of paper on their table before leaving without saying a word. Tiếp tục đọc

Permanent measures sought to prevent fish deaths in Saigon’s iconic canal

Tuoi Tre News

Updated : 04/15/2017 08:20 GMT + 7

Experts and authorities in Ho Chi Minh City are concerned over the mass fish deaths occurring in an iconic canal following unseasonal rains.

The phenomenon has been happening for years along the Nhieu Loc- Thi Nghe Canal, typically at the beginning of the annual rainy season, though unseasonal downpours earlier this month seem to have had the same fatal affect on the canal’s marine life.

Though the reason behind the phenomenon has already been determined, a variety of proposed solutions has failed to bring about a permanent fix. Tiếp tục đọc

Ho Chi Minh City rebuilds tourism strategy to meet 7 million int’l arrivals target


Updated : 04/14/2017 16:51 GMT + 7

Ho Chi Minh City leaders met with local tourism companies on Thursday to discuss ways to meet a target of welcoming seven million international visitors this year.

The southern tourism hub received 5.2 million foreign holidaymakers in 2016 and experienced a 15 percent jump in tourist numbers during Q1 2017, though experts are still unsure the city will meet such a lofty goal.

In the Jan-Mar period, more than 1.5 million international visitors spent holidays in Ho Chi Minh City, but Bui Ta Hoang Vu, director of the municipal tourism department, said the quarterly growth must be more than 20 percent for the seven-million target to be met. Tiếp tục đọc

World Bank report on Vietnam’s pork safety sparks concern, doubt


Updated : 04/03/2017 16:28 GMT + 7

Consumers are seen at a pork stall at a small market in Ho Chi Minh City.
A recent World Bank report claiming that up to 40 percent of pork in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is potentially contaminated with the salmonella bacteria has raised concern and doubt as to whether the ratio is too high compared with Vietnam’s own statistics.

The World Bank data may not truly reflect the meat safety situation in those cities, according to local insiders.

The report, released on March 27, points out several alarming issues in Vietnam’s food safety risk management, such as the fact that 80 percent of pork is sold in wet markets, and 76 percent of meat is slaughtered in small and dirty facilities.

The World Bank also underlined that the most prevalent microbiological hazard in pork in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is salmonella, with the bacteria found in 30 percent of the pork samples taken at slaughterhouses, and 40 percent of the pork found on sale at local markets. Tiếp tục đọc

Nước mắt và nụ cười trong kỳ phát lương “vô tiền khoáng hậu”

– 68 LÊ TUYẾT 11:0 AM, 28/03/2017
Công nhân đến nhận tiền lương tại LĐLĐ huyện Củ Chi. Ảnh: L.T
Sau 5 năm kiên trì đeo bám, chạy ngược chạy xuôi theo đuổi vụ kiện doanh nghiệp FDI nợ lương công nhân rồi “biến mất”, vừa qua, LĐLĐ huyện Củ Chi (TPHCM) đã thắng kiện, đòi lại được hơn 4 tỉ đồng tiền lương cho 677 anh chị em. Trong buổi phát lương, những nụ cười, và nhiều nước mắt của CN đã rơi, vì thông cảm, chia sẻ với hoàn cảnh của nhau. Có thể coi đây là kỳ phát lương “không tiền khoáng hậu”, một sự kiện đặc biệt trong lịch sử hoạt động của tổ chức công đoàn.

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HCM City prepares for natural disaster prevention

vietnam news

Update: March, 29/2017 – 18:00

Flooding on Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh Street in HCM City’s Bình Thạnh District. — Photo An Hiếu

Viet Nam News HCM CITY — The HCM City People’s Committee has asked city departments and all 24 districts to prepare for natural disasters this year by completing maps about flooding hotspots and raising public awareness about disaster risks.

The maps will show the flood-prone locations that are often inundated with water caused by strong storms. Tiếp tục đọc

Look out: Rhinos ‘invading’ downtown Ho Chi Minh City


Updated : 03/27/2017 14:45 GMT + 7

Walls along several streets of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City have been given a touch-up with graffiti and mural paintings featuring rhinos, as part of a campaign to protect the endangered animal.

The campaign, named Rhinos Street Art Painting Project, is run by the Center of Hands-on Actions and Networking for Growth and Environment (CHANGE) and is backed by the local Youth Union and WildAct Vietnam, a non-government conservation charity.

The project gave the rhino-themed facelifts to walls in seven wards – Da Kao, Cau Kho, Nguyen Thai Binh, Pham Ngu Lao, Tan Dinh, Ben Nghe and Ben Thanh. Tiếp tục đọc

Young artists reimagine Saigon’s iconic food, drink


Updated : 03/21/2017 18:30 GMT + 7

From a glass of iced coffee to a plate of broken rice served with grilled pork chops, the most iconic food and drinks in Ho Chi Minh City have become the subject for a group of young Vietnamese painters.

‘Saigon on the move’ is a project by members of Bui Fine Arts Center (Bui), an academy dedicated to the training of young artists, and which looks to depict Saigon youths’ favorite food and drinks in paintings.

The works are a gift to “those who once stayed, are staying and will stay” in the dynamic southern metropolis, Bui wrote in the description of the photo album uploaded to Facebook on Sunday. Tiếp tục đọc

“Xanh hóa” bãi rác Đông Thạnh bằng công nghệ cao

– 63 ĐÔNG ANH 4:27 PM, 21/03/2017

Vườn mai, hoa kiểng được trồng tại bãi rác Đông Thạnh.

Cách đây khoảng 10 năm, nhắc tới bãi rác Đông Thạnh, người ta nghĩ tới ô nhiễm môi trường, là mùi hôi, là sự than phiền của người dân sống xung quanh bãi rác… Thế nhưng giờ đây, một màu xanh ngút ngàn đang phủ xanh bãi rác Đông Thạnh, khiến bất kỳ ai có dịp ghé thăm cũng phải ngỡ ngàng…

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Rao bán vỉa hè giá trăm triệu

20/03/2017 09:15 GMT+7

TTO – Nhiều đoạn vỉa hè tại một số tuyến đường ở TP.HCM vẫn đang bị cát cứ lấn chiếm buôn bán, thậm chí có cả đối tượng “bảo kê” thủ sẵn hung khí hăm dọa.

Rao bán vỉa hè giá trăm triệu 
Đoạn vỉa hè trước Bệnh viện Răng hàm mặt trung ương TP.HCM (đường Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Q.5) được bà V. ra giá sang nhượng là 100 triệu đồng – Ảnh: Ngọc Khải

Chiều 2-3, chúng tôi chạy xe máy chở theo một thùng xốp dừng tại lề đường nội bộ Viện Tim TP.HCM – Bệnh viện Nhân Dân 115 (P.12, Q.10).

Dù đã giải thích chỉ đứng chốc lát và không buôn bán gì nhưng một nam thanh niên bán hàng ở đây vẫn hăm dọa: “Không đi lát có chuyện”. Tiếp tục đọc

Giải tỏa các công trình tôn giáo lâu đời là không thỏa đáng

NĐT – 01/03/2017 – 13:34 PM

LTS. Nhà thờ Thủ Thiêm, Hội dòng Mến Thánh giá Thủ Thiêm là những công trình tôn giáo hình thành trên vùng đất Thủ Thiêm (nay thuộc địa bàn quận 2) từ giữa thế kỷ XIX. Qua hàng trăm năm hình thành và phát triển, hai công trình tôn giáo này đang đứng trước nguy cơ phải nhường chỗ cho khu đô thị mới Thủ Thiêm.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nhà thờ Thủ Thiêm nhìn từ trên cao. Ảnh: TL

Nhà thờ Thủ Thiêm nhìn từ trên cao. Ảnh: TL

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Music Street plan to liven up HCM City


Update: February, 26/2017 – 09:00

Street spirit: Students from the HCM City Conservatory of Music perform on Nguyễn Huệ Pedestrian Street. Photo from the conservatory’s Facebook page

Viet Nam News Phương Mai talks to HCM City authorities about the latest plan to liven up the city’s streets. 

Though it has yet to be approved, a plan to establish a Music Street that would host both amateurs and professionals in downtown HCM City looks likely to get the go ahead.

District 1 officials, who submitted the plan to the People’s Committee, have proposed setting up the venue on either Alexandre de Rhodes or Hàn Thuyên streets, both of which surround the April 30 Park, one of the greenest sites downtown. Tiếp tục đọc

Đi chùa, đi cúng tháng Giêng




Ở đất Sài Gòn, vào những đêm giao thừa xa xưa hầu như gia đình nào cũng bỏ lệ nhắc bọn trẻ đi ngủ sớm. Ở nhà tôi, trong khi mấy đứa em được tha hồ xem chương trình ti-vi đặc biệt với chủ đề mừng năm mới, tôi được phụ mẹ tôi chuẩn bị mâm cúng đón giao thừa đúng 12 giờ khuya. Rồi khi mẹ tôi cùng mấy bà hàng xóm đi Lăng Ông Bà Chiểu, tôi cũng được tháp tùng. Ngoài đường đông vui hết sức! Tiếp tục đọc