A tour around biggest ethnic market in Lai Chau

Last update 11:05 | 02/06/2017

San Thang kermis is the largest of its kind in Lai Chau, bringing together the Dao, Mong, Thai, Giay and Lu ethnic people from across the northern mountainous province.

Mong women ​from the communes of Ta Leng, Ho Thau and Sin Suoi Ho go to the market from the early morning.
People of different ethnic groups exchange their goods at the market.

The Giay ethnic people is known for their various types of noodles,cakes and fresh rice vermicelli.

The market is also the place for locals to meet up.

A stall selling fabric made by the Giay ethnic group

A corner of the market

Rice vermicelli soup, a favourite dish of the locals and a signature of San Thang market.

A unique feature of the market is no bargain need.

Brocades and five-colour threads of the Mong people.

Lu women sell bamboo shoots at the market.

The colours of spices

Traditional products made from rattan and bamboo by Dao women from Ho Thau commune, Tam Duong district.

Giay ethnic ​group in the communes of Ban Giang and Ban Hon, Tam Duong district, is skillful in weaving baskets

Cucumber seeds on sale

Crowded market on a Sunday morning

Mong women sell pigs at the market.


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