People’s Republic of China in International Organizations





This publication identifies Chinese nationals serving in leadership positions in key international organizations (see full list below). Top leadership positions are broadly defined as positions at the board of directors and senior management team level. The Commission’s work on this subject is informed by the enduring relevance to the Commission’s charter regarding the nature and implications of Chinese participation in international governmental organizations.

The full document can be found here >>.

This publication documents Chinese nationals serving in leadership roles in the following organizations:

  • Chinese Heads of International Organizations
  • UN Principal Organs
  • UN Funds and Programs
  • UN Specialized Agencies
  • Other UN Entities and Bodies
  • International Trade and Financial Institutions
  • Other International Organizations

The data are current as of July 18, 2022, and will be updated on a semi-annual basis. Readers and researchers who find this useful can send comments, updates and corrects, or suggestions for additional organizations or areas the Commission may want to consider in future updates of this work to


Foreign Affairs

PRC Representation in International Organizations >>


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