Pres. Biden’s tweets on US and NATO

President Biden

@POTUS United States government official

Earlier this year, the U.S. surged 20,000 additional U.S. forces to Europe to strengthen our NATO Alliance in response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the changing security environment. We’ll continue to adjust our posture to ensure the defense of our Allies:

We’re working with Spain to increase U.S. Navy destroyers in Rota, establishing a permanent HQ in Poland, putting an additional rotational Brigade Combat Team in Romania, enhancing our Baltic presence, and sending two more F-35 squadrons to the UK.

NATO is ready to meet threats from all directions, across every domain: land, air, sea, cyber and space.

Ban tổ chức bị mời làm việc vì danh ca Khánh Ly hát ‘Gia tài của mẹ’ chưa được cấp phép

Danh ca Khánh Ly đã trình diễn ca khúc Gia tài của mẹ chưa được cấp phép khiến đơn vị tổ chức bị “tuýt còi”.

Đại diện Sở VH-TT-DL Lâm Đồng xác nhận ngày 29.6 đã làm việc với ban tổ chức đêm nhạc Dấu chân địa đàng của danh ca Khánh Ly diễn ra hôm 25.6 tại sân khấu Mây – In the Nest, thuộc P.7, TP.Đà Lạt. Đây là chương trình mở màn chuỗi đêm nhạc xuyên Việt mang tên Như một lời chia tay của nữ danh ca.

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Global migration is not abating. Neither is the backlash against it

June 29, 2022

Around the world, far-right populist parties continue to stoke the popular backlash against global migration, driving some centrist governments to adopt a tougher line on immigration. But with short-term strategies dominating the debate, many of the persistent drivers of migration go unaddressed, even as efforts to craft a global consensus on migration are hobbled by demands for quick solutions. Learn more when you subscribe to World Politics Review (WPR).

Migrants rest on a Mediterranea Saving Humans NGO boat, as they sail off Italy’s southernmost island of Lampedusa, just outside Italian territorial waters, Thursday, July 4, 2019 (AP photo by Olmo Calvo).

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Marcos takes office

FP – June 30, 2020

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is now the president of the Philippines, 36 years after he fled the country along with his dictator father. Marcos took the oath of office today at a muted ceremony in Manila, urging citizens to look ahead to the future, as his mother, Imelda, looked on.

Marcos, known in the Philippines by his nickname Bongbong, has risen to the country’s highest office after a social media-driven campaign helped to rehabilitate his family’s image, transforming memories of the bloody days of martial law, when thousands were tortured and killed, to a nostalgic golden era.

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‘Thanks, Putin’: Defense spending spikes across NATO

FP – JUNE 30, 2022

NATO leaders emerged from their summit in Madrid this week touting a more muscular alliance ready to face down Russia and start tackling the long-term challenges from China. And it’s starting to look like they finally have plans in place to put their money where their mouths are.

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Xi Jinping brought Hong Kong to heel. Now he’s back in a city transformed 


People wave Chinese and Hong Kong flags as fishing boats carrying banners celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China sail through the Victoria Harbour.
Chinese flags flutter above streets and red celebratory banners line the harbor front, as a beaming crowd of masked officials and school children wave and chant in unison inside Hong Kong’s high-speed rail terminus, welcoming the arrival of Chinese leader Xi Jinping

In his first trip outside mainland China since the start of the pandemic, Xi arrived in Hong Kong Thursday to mark the 25th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule on July 1 — a highly symbolic event at a pivotal time for both the city, and Xi himself. 
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