​First unmanned convenient store opens in Saigon

Customers top up their online account and pay by scanning QR codes with their smartphone
By Tuoi Tre News

November 24, 2017, 19:08 GMT+7

​First unmanned convenient store opens in Saigon
The Toromart convenient store in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Tuoi Tre


A newly opened convenient store in downtown Ho Chi Minh City requires no cashiers, as all purchases are done by customers via a mobile wallet app.

Located on Mac Thi Buoi Street in District 1, Toromart is the first unmanned convenient store in the southern hub, developed by Kootoro Services.

Customers who shop at Toromart must first install a mobile app called TORO Wallet, available on Android and iOS devices, where they can buy credits known as TORO points which would be used to make purchases.

The app also allows users to send TORO points to others and top up their phone using the available credits.

​First unmanned convenient store opens in Saigon
Interface of the TORO Wallet mobile app

The store itself is operated by vending machines, with each product accompanied by a QR code for customers to scan if they wish to buy the item.

The cost will automatically be deducted from their TORO wallet once the purchase completes.

Customers can also withdraw cash at the store using available points in the account.

Kootoro Services has unveiled their plan to open as many as 200 stores across Vietnam in the near future.

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