Why ‘natural disaster’ is a misnomer

Update: November, 06/2017 – 09:00

Illegally felled logs that floated in floodwaters gathered in a village in Yên Bái Province. Massive, unchecked deforestation has compounded the impact of natural disasters in the northern province . — Photo laodong.vn
Viet Nam News YÊN BÁI — In recent years, the mountainous province of Yên Bái in the north has consistently been among the hardest hit by natural disasters.

However, it is patently obvious that human activities have exacerbated the devastation caused.

Many serious cases of deforestation have been uncovered in the province, but nothing much comes out of it. There is some public outrage, followed by “disciplinary actions” and “warnings” being doled out against some “bad seeds” officials. Tiếp tục đọc “Why ‘natural disaster’ is a misnomer”