Seven new river tours launched in Saigon

A brand new fleet of high-speed canoes will ferry tourists through the city’s canals

By Tuoi Tre News

September 29, 2017, 13:46 GMT+7

​Seven new river tours launched in Saigon
People are seen on a high-speed canoe in this photo posted on Saigontourist Facebook.
Saigontourist inaugurated a fleet of five brand new high-speed canoes on Thursday as it launched seven new river tourism routes connecting Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring areas.

Each canoe is capable of carrying 20 passengers at maximum speeds of 50kph, Saigontourist said at the launch ceremony at the city’s Tan Cang tourism area.

The high-speed boats will bring tourists from Tan Cang to Cu Chi, Binh Duong, Can Gio and District 9 at a costs ranging from VND750,000 (US$33) to VND2.14 million ($94) per adult, and VND560,000 ($25) to VND1.61 million ($70) per child.

​Seven new river tours launched in Saigon
Photo: Saigontourist

While these destinations are not new to river tourism, Saigontourist says several new features on their tour routes will attract new visitors.

One attraction featured on a Saigontourist canoe tour along the Tan Cang – Cu Chi route is a stop in Binh Duong to tour an orchard and ancient house. The former Bach Dang – Cu Chi river tour doesn’t stop in Binh Duong.

Similarly, the route to Can Gio will not stop at the Dan Xay ecotourism area, a common feature in other tour packages.  Instead, tourists will be taken to Can Thanh, the center of the outlying district, where they can enjoy the local market lifestyle.

Ho Chi Minh City has long been trying to boost its river tourism. Several routes have been launched but all have ceased since the shutdown of Bach Dang wharf in District 1.

In the first nine months of this year, Ho Chi Minh City welcomed 4.2 million international passengers, up 16 percent from the same period last year, according to a report by the municipal administration.

The seven newly launched river routes include:

Tan Cang – Binh Duong – Ben Dinh; Tan Cang – Binh Duong – Koi Hai Thanh tourism area; Tan Cang – Can Thanh (Can Gio); Tan Cang – Thanh Da Peninsula (Binh Thanh); Tan Cang – Ben Dinh (Cu Chi); Tan Cang – Long Phuoc (District 9) and Tan Cang – Vam Sat.

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