40 percent of Vietnamese kids lack sleep because of much studying

Last update 00:43 | 14/09/2017

According to Dr. Johnathan Halevy from Family Medical Practice infirmary, half of preschool students and 40 percent of Vietnamese adolescents sleep less than a normal sleep of 8 hours.

Most Vietnamese kids sleep less than six hours a night, shorter than a normal sleep of 8-10 hours a day. Main reasons of lack of sleep attribute to surfing on social network, online game playing and learning pressure.

Childhood sleep deprivation is a common problem. Between 40 percent of Vietnamese children and adolescents are not getting enough sleep consistently because of much studying.

Dr. Hoang Dinh Huu Hanh from the Medicine University Hospital said that more and more children lack sleep in the country. Active preschool students find it hard to sleep because they play too much in day time. For primary students, they have too much homework or watch television too late and accordingly, their biologic clock is affected.

Adolescent sleep needs range from 8.5–10 hours per night. Lack of sleep is known to cause poor attention, worse grades, school absences, poor social interactions, irritability and crankiness, depression, increased car crashes, and increased risk taking behaviors.

Parents should take heeds to the period as their children are growing up; accordingly, they will have arguments with parents. Parents should educate their kids by convincing explanation to avoid disagreement or else, their kids can suffer chronic sleeplessness or sleep disorder in adulthood.

Medical workers warned parents to ask their kids to sleep early before 10 PM. If kids have too much homework, they should go to bed before 10 PM and get up early at 4 AM to continue their learning.



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