Travel around Saigon on a weekend afternoon

Last update 13:00 | 13/04/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – Sitting on the corner of Turtle Lake and chatting with friends, eating snacks, taking a stroll in 30/4 park, and looking at the old church under the sunshine will add interest to your weekend in Saigon. 

HCM City is known for the busy pace of life, but behind those scenes are peaceful corners. At Notre Dame Cathedral, where cars surround the area, you can stand or sit at any corner to experience the atmosphere.

Opposite the church, more than 100 meters is the City’s Post Office, which attracts many foreign tourists visiting each day.

With distinctive architecture, the building is outstanding with arched doorways and a unique roof.

Currently, the post office has been remodeled and wearsa new shirt of paint.

Tourists here will find memories of old Saigon, and will have the opportunity to meet Mr. Duong Van Ngo – who has more than 60 years at the post office.

Tourists can also sit on a cyclo to explore streets in the center. If lucky, you will hear interesting stories about the city from drivers.

The activity chosen by most young people is to sit chatting in the 30/4 park (Han Thuyen Park). It is called “coffee on the ground” by youth.

After finding a suitable seat, you call for a cup of Saigon coffee to enjoy. You will hear cheerful sounds of life, from the noise of vehicles, birds singing, people talking, to crying sound of street vendors. Sometimes you also hear the sound of a guitar somewhere nearby.

Beside the park is a commercial center. Tourists come here to shop, see movies, dining, etc. On special occasions or changing season, this building has fancy exterior décor. The colorful images and eye-catching layout has left a strong impression on many people.

You can choose Turtle Lake as the last stop on the trip. Sitting on a high location, in an airy space with cool breezes you will have a relaxing weekend afternoon.

In particular, it is known for delicious and cheap street food. The food here is very diverse, in line with the preferences of the young as fried corn, mixed rice cake, fried fish ball, etc.

The highlight is that you just need to say what you want to eat and then find a place to sit; they will serve you right at your seat.

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Image result for ho con rua
The turtle lake

Một góc công viên 30/4.
30/4 Park

sai gon 655 - "Bệt cafe" công viên 30/4
“bet coffee” in 30/4 Park

17479585351 b80786fdb6 z - "Bệt cafe" công viên 30/4

ca phe bet sai gon 1 - "Bệt cafe" công viên 30/4

ca phe bet sai gon5 - "Bệt cafe" công viên 30/4

ca phe bet sai gon 66 - "Bệt cafe" công viên 30/4

sai gon 65 - "Bệt cafe" công viên 30/4

Ngắm nhà thờ Đức Bà 135 tuổi giữa Sài Gòn sắp được trùng tu - ảnh 1
Notre Dame Cathedral

Ngắm nhà thờ Đức Bà 135 tuổi giữa Sài Gòn sắp được trùng tu - ảnh 3

Ngắm nhà thờ Đức Bà 135 tuổi giữa Sài Gòn sắp được trùng tu - ảnh 8

Image result for buu dien sai gon
Saigon Post Office

Image result for buu dien sai gon

Image result for buu dien sai gon

Ben trong toa Buu dien vat qua 3 the ky o Sai Gon hinh anh 2

Ben trong toa Buu dien vat qua 3 the ky o Sai Gon hinh anh 14

Mr. Duong Van Ngo


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