Company fined nearly $45,000 for unlicensed condotel construction in Da Nang

Tuoi Tre News

Updated : 04/14/2017 11:06 GMT + 7

The developer of a condotel project in the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang has been fined VND1 billion (US$44,235) for beginning the project without acquiring the proper permits.

Vice-Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Ngoc Tuan on Thursday imposed the penalty on Minh Dong Tourism Service and Trading Company, the developer behind the Central Coast Condotel project.

The structure is located near the beach in Son Tra District on a construction site spanning nearly 4,000 square meters.

Current design plans for the building call for 42 stories and one basement, with the construction itself contracted out to Doza Construction JSC.

So far, the building has had ten of its floors built without legitimate permits from local authorities.

Though the design of the condotel has been appraised by competent authorities and its environmental impact assessment report was approved by the Da Nang administration, authorities refused to grant a permit due to the developer’s failure to finalize procedures regarding the land plot.

Calls from local authorities for the developer to cease construction went ignored on several occasions, resulting in the illegal construction of the building’s ten floors.

Now facing such hefty fines, all operations on the site have ceased.

Several other construction projects have recently been found operating without formal permission from authorities.

In late March, the Bien Tien Sa JSC was fined VND40 million for laying the foundation of some 40 villas, as part of the Bien Tien Sa eco-resort project, all without proper building approval, on Son Tra Peninsula.

The municipal Party Committee later ordered the firm to completely dismantle the illegal construction.

Meanwhile, in late December 2016, hundreds of houses at the K38 residential area in Ngu Hanh Son District were found to be in violation of permit regulations, resulting in trouble and headaches for their owners.

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