Hong Kong holds anti-Trump protest

Many were women from the Philippines and Indonesia employed in Hong Kong as domestic workers. Protesters chanted, “US imperialist, number one terrorist!”

“We are very worried that what Donald Trump is doing will also be adopted by other states who believe that their nation is the greatest nation without the migrants,” activist and domestic worker Eni Lestari said outside the US Consulate General.

The protesters held banners reading “Islam is not terrorism” and “love Trumps hate” as they rallied outside the consulate.

“There are many workers coming from Muslim countries, especially domestic workers and there are many of them, they might have families, they might have their friends in the US and the workers, they are part of the Hong Kong community and I think it’s our responsibility to fight also for their rights in Hong Kong,” said one protester.

A federal judge ruled on Friday that the travel ban should be lifted, though the US justice department has since filed an appeal.

This is the second time people in Hong Kong have protested since the enactment of the travel ban. A similar rally was held on Feb 1.

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