CSIS – Southeast Asia Sit-Rep – August 25, 2016

CSIS Southeast Asia SIT-REP

This issue includes a look at the new Malaysian political party that could challenge Prime Minister Najib Razak’s United Malays National Organization, analysis of Vietnam’s latest economic reforms, a podcast assessing U.S.-Taiwan relations, and much more. Links will take you to the full publications, multimedia, or to registration for upcoming programs when available. To jump to a section, select one of the following:


Deep insight into developments that move the dial

Malaysia’s Najib Faces Latest Challenge from Newly Established Party,” by Conor Cronin (@ConorCroninDC )
Former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin on August 9 officially registered Malaysia’s newest political party: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, or Bersatu for short. The party is the latest salvo in a slow mutiny against Prime Minister Najib Razak that has centered for more than a year around a scandal involving state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). Although Malaysia’s opposition has long sought to dethrone the prime minister’s United Malays National Organization… Read more >>

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The CSIS Asia blog features insights on policy around the Asia Pacific

Vietnam’s New Prime Minister Quietly Turns the Wheels of Economic Reform,” by Chau Hoang
In April, Nguyen Xuan Phuc became Vietnam’s prime minister with a mandate bestowed by the leadership of the ruling Vietnamese Communist Party to promote the country’s integration into the global economy. In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has seen a new wave of foreign investment and an information technology boom, and Vietnam has signed onto several major free trade agreements. Yet persistent corruption and a tenuous fiscal standing continue to hinder economic growth, threatening to slow the country’s global… Read more >>

Myanmar’s Panglong Conference Shouldn’t Be Confined to Politics & Security,” by Ellen Chambers
Myanmar’s second Panglong Conference — the cornerstone dialogue of the National League for Democracy’s (NLD) push for peace and national reconciliation in the long-running conflict between Myanmar’s military and ethnic armed groups — is slated to begin August 31. Earlier this year, Aung San Suu Kyi revealed plans to restrict the conference to political and security issues, demoting economic, social, and… Read more >>

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The Leaderboard

Two-minute read on the real people that are making news

Gina Lopez, Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources for the Philippines
Regina “Gina” P. Lopez is the chairperson of ABS-CBN Lingkod Foundation, the philanthropic wing of the Philippines’ ABS-CBN media corporation. Her work with the foundation has covered a number of environmental projects, including reforestation, river rehabilitation, and the promotion of ecotourism. She served as chairperson for the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, a project of… Read more >>

Enggartiasto Lukita, Trade Minister of Indonesia
Enggartiasto Lukita has served as a lawmaker with the Nasdem Party in Indonesia’s House of Representatives since 2014. Before joining the newly-established Nasdem in 2013, Lukita was a long-time member of the Golkar Party, serving two terms as a Golkar lawmaker from 1997-99 and 2004-09. He also held the position of party deputy treasurer from 1998 to 2004. Outside of government service, Lukita has worked in a number of real estate companies, including… Read more >>

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CogitAsia Podcast

An engaging mix of news, analysis, and predictions from around the region

CogitAsia Podcast: August 23, 2016
In this episode we assess the status of U.S.-Taiwan relations. CSIS Senior Associate Dr. Robert Wang discusses how relations between Washington and Taipei have changed since 1979, reviews the Taiwan Relations Act, and explains how young Taiwanese are playing a pivotal role in shaping the island’s democracy. He also describes how Taiwan’s economic slowdown gives China additional leverage in cross-strait relations, examines U.S. policy options to aid Taiwan from his recent report, and evaluates the implications for U.S. standing in the region. Listen >>

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