Very few pages devoted to climate change in introductory science textbooks
Less than 2 percent of pages discussed climate change in leading biology, chemistry and physics textbooksDate:April 30, 2018

Source:Arizona State University

Summary:In new research researchers examined more than the 15,000 combined pages from current editions of 16 of the leading physics, biology and chemistry undergraduate textbooks published between 2013 and 2015. They found that less than 4 percent of pages were devoted toward discussing climate change, global warming, related environmental issues or renewable energy applications.

As an ASU graduate student, Rachel Yoho wanted to push the boundaries of renewable energy research. What she didn’t fully anticipate is that it would also lead her to questioning how climate change is taught in today’s universities.

In the Biodesign Center for Environmental Biotechnology, led by director and ASU Regents’ Professor (and recent Stockholm Water Prize winner) Bruce Rittmann, she found a welcome home to make her research thrive.

There, she focused on microbes that were giving the renewable energy field a literal jolt. For her dissertation work, led under the guidance of mentor César Torres, she published several groundbreaking papers on advances in microbial fuel cells, which turn waste into electricity through a bacterial biofilm that has the ability to grow and thrive on an electrode.

“They breathe the metal, and give us electrons for energy in the process,” said Yoho. Tiếp tục đọc “Very few pages devoted to climate change in introductory science textbooks”

Inside the Jordan refugee camp that runs on blockchain


Syrian refugees could regain legal identities that were lost when they fled their homes.

A few times a month, Bassam pushes a shopping cart through the aisles of a grocery store stocked with bags of rice, a small selection of fresh vegetables, and other staples. Today he’s wearing a black sweater tucked into denim jeans, which are themselves tucked into calf-high boots caked in mud. The Tazweed Supermarket, where he’s shopping, is on the periphery of a 75,000-person refugee camp in the semi-arid Jordanian steppe, six and a half miles from the Syrian border.

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Military applications of Artificial Intelligent


Advances in artifcial intelligence (AI), deep-learning, and robotics are enabling new military capabilities that will have a disruptive impact on military strategies. The effects of these capabilities will be felt across the spectrum of military requirements – from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to offense/defense balances and even on to nuclear weapons systems themselves.

In this package, five top experts in AI and its potential uses in autonomous weapons and sensing systems weigh in on the moral and practical challenges of managing the explosion of military AI research and development around the world. The goal: to keep fast-paced advances in machine learning from sparking a worldwide AI arms race that poses a new existential risk to humanity.

The promise of AI—including its ability to improve the speed and accuracy of everything from logistics and battlefield planning to human decision making—is driving militaries around the world to accelerate research and development. Here’s why.
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Ảnh sinh hoạt hằng ngày – May 4, 2018 – Ngày rằm, khó kiếm ghẹ ngon

Xem toàn bộ Gallery

Xưa nay, trong dân gian có câu “Cua tối trời, ghẹ sáng trăng”, nghĩa là vào những ngày tối trời, không có trăng như ngày 30 âm lịch, cua, ghẹ thường ngon do chắc thịt; ngược lại là vào ngày rằm trăng sáng, cua, ghẹ dở do thường bị óp. Theo giải thích của ngư dân thì trăng sáng là thời điểm cua, ghẹ giao phối hoặc nhịn ăn nên cua, ghẹ óp, ít thịt.

Như vào ngày rằm tháng 3 vừa qua, nhiều ngư dân cùng giới đầu nậu cua, ghẹ ở Hà Tiên khá bối rối. Ghẹ ngon đã hiếm, lượng hải sản tươi sống lại giảm đi do một số ngư dân cũng nghỉ ra biển, ở nhà đi chơi lễ 30-4 và 1-5. Tiếp tục đọc “Ảnh sinh hoạt hằng ngày – May 4, 2018 – Ngày rằm, khó kiếm ghẹ ngon”

Phù thủy của những homestay độc đáo

Ký sự của Hoàng Thiên Nga

Từ Bắc vào Nam, hỏi chủ nhân hàng chục khu du lịch cộng đồng tinh tươm duyên dáng, rằng ai đã bày họ chỉnh trang sắp xếp mọi việc lớn nhỏ, biến những căn hộ và xóm làng đơn sơ thành điểm hẹn homestay độc đáo tiện nghi ? Nhiều người bật lên cùng một cái tên: Dương Minh Bình!

Ông Bình hướng dẫn phụ nữ Cơ Tu cách nấu ăn cho du khách
Ông Bình hướng dẫn phụ nữ Cơ Tu cách nấu ăn cho du khách

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