Three arrested for eight dialysis deaths


Update: June, 23/2017 – 17:00

A doctor provides emergency aid to one of the victims of the incident. — Photo

HÒA BÌNH — Police in Hòa Bình Province have arrested three people suspected to be responsible for the deaths of eight patients who underwent kidney dialysis treatment at a local hospital in May.

They are Bùi Mạnh Quốc, Trần Văn Sơn and Hoàng Công Lương.

According to investigators, they will be charged in a criminal case involving one of the most serious medical incidents in recent years.

Authorities have blamed the deaths on water used in the dialysis treatment and improper maintenance and operation of medical equipment.

Bùi Mạnh Quốc, 31, director of Trâm Anh Water Treatment Ltd Co, is being investigated for manslaughter following the violation of professional rules.

Trần Văn Sơn, 27, an employee of the medical equipment department at the local General Hospital, is being investigated in connection with his lack of responsibility, leading to serious consequences.

Hoàng Công Lương, 31, a nephrology doctor, has been arrested for medical violations.

On May 29, 18 patients underwent kidney dialysis treatment at the hospital. Some later reported nausea, abdominal pain and shortness of breath.

Eight died the same day due to suspected anaphylactic shock.

The remaining 10 patients were transferred to Hà Nội’s Bạch Mai Hospital and have recovered from the incident.

Meanwhile, Trương Quý Dương, director of Hòa Bình General Hospital, and two other employees have been suspended for further investigation into the negligence and irresponsible actions that led to the incident. — VNS

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