Fresh submarine cable problem disrupts Internet connection in Vietnam


Updated : 06/21/2017 16:01 GMT + 7

Internet speed in Vietnam has come to a snail’s pace for some users as one of the major undersea cable systems is suffering connection disruption, a service provider confirmed on Wednesday.

Connection was disrupted in the section of the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) connecting the central city of Da Nang with the U.S., Japan and Hong Kong, at around 4:00 pm on Tuesday, a VNPT representative told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.

“The incident is slowing down connection for overseas hosted services during peak hours, especially for users in central localities,” the source said.

The APG is the submarine Internet cable system with the largest traffic capacity in Asia. It is hoped to replace the infamous AAG system, which has suffered from repeated ruptures in the last few years.

It is not immediately clear what disrupted connection in the Da Nang section of the APG system, according to the VNPT representative.

He added that the Internet service provider is cooperating with international partners to verify the cause of the incident and figure out a repair plan.

Internet service providers in Vietnam have switched traffic to other submarine cable systems, including SMW-3, AAG and CSC, to ensure the best possible speed for their customers.

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