The wooden statues of the Central Highlands

Last update 14:46 | 08/06/2017

The Central Highlands of Vietnam is not only renowned for its culture of gongs and epics that the inhabitants tell by the fireside, but also for its wooden statues that are rustic and simple.

Statuettes of wood installed in a garden of statues in the tourist village of Ko Tam, Town of Buon Ma Thuot.
The know-how of the sculptors of Tay Nguyen is even more ingenious today.
Under the skilled hands of artisans

Wooden statues take shape.

The craftman at work

Statue from the artisan Y AnB’Ja, who won first prize at the contest of sculpture of statues of wood in Tay Nguyen,organised this year by the province of Dak Lak.

The facial features of a hand-made statue.

Sculptures valuing the cult of fertility.

Statuettes used as decoration in a long house in the Central Highlands.


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