Nóng bỏng chuyện đấu giá gỗ cao su

Trong khi giá mủ cao su đang lên dần, thì giá gỗ cao su cũng không ngừng tăng sau khi Thủ tướng ra lệnh đóng hoàn toàn việc khai thác gỗ rừng tự nhiên. Tình trạng khan hiếm nguồn gỗ nguyên liệu cho công nghiệp chế biến, xuất khẩu khiến việc lùng mua và các chiêu trò can thiệp vào những phiên đấu giá gỗ cao su trở nên phức tạp, nhộn nhạo chưa từng có.

Khai thác gỗ cao su ở huyện Krông Nô tỉnh Đắk Nông

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Vietnam’s first ‘book city’ opens in Binh Duong


Updated : 06/02/2017 18:50 GMT + 7

The first-ever ‘book city’ in Vietnam welcomed its first visitors on Thursday inside a mega shopping mall in Binh Duong, a neighboring province of Ho Chi Minh City.

The 3,000 square meter ‘Phuong Nam Book City’ features 500,000 books and reading spaces aimed at attracting Vietnamese youth to the venue at AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary at No. 01 Binh Duong Boulevard, Thuan An Town.

“We wanted to create a unique space for books, a place where every book that a reader needs could be found,” said Ngo Le Huan, deputy director of Phuong Nam Corp (PNC), the company behind the mega bookstore. Continue reading “Vietnam’s first ‘book city’ opens in Binh Duong”

NA discusses $16b Long Thành airport project


Update: June, 02/2017 – 09:05

A model of Long Thành International Airport. The VNĐ336.7 trillion ($16 billion) Long Thành international airport project was approved by a majority of National Assembly deputies at the 13th National Assembly’s (NA) ninth session in 2015. — Photo Infonet.vn

They discussed land clearance, compensation and resettlement for the airport project after hearing a Government report on separating land clearance, compensation and resettlement tasks as a sub-project of the Long Thành airport project which was announced more than a decade ago. The seperation is expected to accelerate the progress. Continue reading “NA discusses $16b Long Thành airport project”

Eight must-visit places in Binh Duong – Photos: Seven places to visit in Binh Duong – A piggy bank making village in Binh Duong

Last update 11:57 | 17/02/2017

Eight must-visit places in Binh Duong

Phu An bamboo village, Hoi Khanh pagoda, and Tay Tang pagoda, just to name a few, are attractive tourist destinations in Binh Duong province.

eight must-visit places in binh duong hinh 1
Located in Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province, Phu An Ecological Bamboo Museum and Botanical Reserve, also known as the Phu An Bamboo Village, is one of the biggest bamboo museums in Southeast Asia. This multipurpose centre promotes scientific research and ecosystem conservation while promoting environmental awareness and the value of ecotourism in the local community. Continue reading “Eight must-visit places in Binh Duong – Photos: Seven places to visit in Binh Duong – A piggy bank making village in Binh Duong”