Vietnam rings in 2023

By Staff reporters       DEC. 31, 2022

As the clock struck midnight, crowds across the country burst out in cheers, applauses and exchanged hugs as the fireworks exploded to welcome the new year.

Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta (GMT+7)


  • 00h10Fireworks explode in Saigon
    z4004356181122-cc457fd3bda10cb-6527-5247Fireworks explode over the Saigon River. Photo by Quynh Tranz4004356195860-9c38aa1af747923-3377-9391Fireworks explode over the Saigon River. Photo by Quynh Tranz4004328932520-42748386b323e18-4654-6186People capture photos of exploding fireworks in HCMC. Photo by Thanh TungA girl sits on her parent's neck to watch the fireworks. Photo by Thanh TungA girl sits on her parent’s neck to watch the fireworks. Photo by Thanh Tung
  • 00h00Vietnam welcomes 2023 with cheers, kisses
    Capital Hanoi rings with cheers and laughters as the crowd count down to New Year’s Eve. Several people, locals and foreigners alike, share hugs and kisses in moments of celebrations.Nam-moi-5237-1672507378-5488-1672507802.Two people kiss in Hanoi amid New Year’s Eve. Photo by VnExpress/Giang HuyNam-moi1-8303-1672507378-3258-1672507802Two people hug each other in Hanoi as the clock strikes 12. Photo by VnExpressNam-moi3-6290-1672507378-8885-1672507802People embrace one another as they cheer “Happy New Year”. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
  • December 31/2022
  • 23h59Counting down in Hue
    Màn đếm ngược ở TP HuếVietnam rings in 2023Video by Vo Thanh
  • 23h55Fireworks audiences
    People stopped on Thu Thiem Bridge near midnight waiting to watch the fireworks exploding.thu-thiem-2-1672505787-2740-16-9173-9140Travelers stop on Thu Thiem Bridge in HCMC minutes before the midnight fireworks explode. Photo by Gia Minh
  • 23h00People in Da Nang flock to parks for New Year shows
    Two main New Year performance shows in the central Vietnam city attract the highest numbers of citizens and tourists: one in the Bien Dong Park and the other in the Bo Dong Cau Rong Park in Son Tra District.Pham Tan Xu, director of the Da Nang Department of Culture and Sports, said the two events have had their funds mobilized from multiple sources to reduce burden on the national budget. The city would have events spread out over time until Tet, instead of solely focusing on New Year’s Eve, he added.Da-Nang-2333-1672504899-3842-1672506473.People flock to Da Nang’s Dragon Bridge to celebrate the new year. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Truong
  • 23h00Huge crowd on HCMC’s Nguyen Hue Street
    Người dân đổ ra đường đón năm mớiVietnam rings in 2023Video by Quynh Tran
  • 21h40DJ Quintino heats up the crowd in Hanoi
    As DJ Quintino begins his performance, the crowd pulsates to his every beat, throwing their hands up and dancing.Nha-hat-lon4-1339-1672498975-8017-167249DJ Quintino performs in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Giang HuyNha-hat-lon5-3482-1672498975-6182-167249Crowds in Hanoi dance and cheer as DJ Quintino performs. Photo by VnExpress/Giang Huy
  • 21h05Foreigners celebrate the new year at Saigon’s beer street Bui Vien
    Large crowds could be seen on Bui Vien Street Saturday night, with police officers and militia members being stationed at the site to maintain order.Annavita, 34, from Russia, said it was her first time celebrating New Year’s Eve in Vietnam. She said the weather isn’t as cold as in Russia, so she felt more comfortable.z4003941016523-bfb2958ed77e29c-1862-3546Annavita (L) sit with her friends at a beer shop on HCMC’s Bui Vien. Photo by VnExpress/Dinh Van
  • 20h45People faint on HCMC’s Nguyen Hue Street
    As part of events to celebrate the new year, several games and activities were held at the Nguyen Hue walking street. Due to the large crowds, some people fainted.z4003889399009-aeec58dfbbd2675-3801-1275Some people were given first-aid after fainting at HCMC’s Nguyen Hue walking street. Photo by VnExpress/Thanh TungNewYear-3-JPG-1672495976-16724-1439-8804The big crowd on Nguyen Hue Street. Photo by Giang Anh
  • 20h45Foreigners celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hanoi
    Satshya Tharien, 37, and his wife, from India, said 2022 was a special year for them when they got married after three years of knowing each other.As they walked hand in hand at the Le Thai To-Luong Van Can intersection in Hoan Kiem District, they said they decided to celebrate the new year in Hanoi as they both love the city, its food and its people. Their goal for 2023 is to travel and exercise more.Du-khach-HN-7910-1672495577-1951-1672497Satshya Tharien, 37 and his wife celebrate the incoming new year in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Son Ha
  • 20h20Foreign tourists join Hue countdown
    In the central town of Hue, restaurants in the backpackers streets Vo Thi Sau and Chu Van An are packed with tourists, from both Vietnam and overseas.Rory, a 28-year-old British tourist, and his wife came to Vietnam nine days ago. Rory said he was glad to welcome the new year in a place much warmer than at home.Hue1-5008-1672493944-jpeg-8257-167249627Rory (L) is with his wife and a Vietnamese tourist wait to ring in the new year at a restaurant in Hue. Photo by Vo Thanh
  • 20h15Nha Trang people gather at coastal square
    Locals and tourists in the central beach town Nha Trang gathered at the April 2 Square on the coastal Tran Phu Street. Vehicles have been blocked from a part around 350 meters long of the street to serve a countdown program.nha-trang-1672493370-4329-1672-2907-6583A big crowd at the April 2 Square on Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang. Photo by Bui ToanAs the night goes on, more and more people flooded towards streets like Le Thanh Ton and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai to watch the music show. Several streets were congested and traffic police officers were dispatched to maintain order.
  • 20h10Hai Phong Opera House pulls people in as New Year’s Eve approaches
    Despite a temperature at 15 degrees Celsius, citizens of Hai Phong gathered in front of the Opera House, where a music show would be available to welcome the new year. The show would see the participation of multiple artists from both Hanoi and Hai Phong like Dong Hung, Thu Thuy, Hong Hanh and Minh Quan.Hai-Phong1-9023-1672492784-5766-16724947The stage for a music show at the Hai Phong Opera House to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Photo by VnExpressHai-Phong2-7269-1672492785-2787-16724947Adults and children gather at the Hai Phong Opera House to welcome the new year. Photo by VnExpress
  • 20h00In Can Tho, citizens flood towards Ninh Kieu Port
    People pooled at the streets and entertainment sites in downtown areas of the Mekong Delta’s Can Tho City. Several streets like Hai Ba Trung, as well as the Ninh Kieu Port, were colorfully decorated ahead of New Year’s Eve.An entertainment show to celebrate New Year’s Eve is available at the Luu Huu Phuoc Park, attracting large crowds.cantho-9604-1672492436-4175-1672494374.jA group of people takes a selfie at Ninh Kieu District of Can Tho. Photo by VnExpress/Cuu LongNguyen Van Thanh, 45, said it’s been three years since he last saw such big crowds coming to celebrate New Year’s Eve.”The economy has recovered quickly after Covid-19 was put under control. The lives and daily activities of the people, including education for the children, have returned to normal,” he said.
  • 20h00Hanoi Opera House sees sea of people
    Nha-hat-lon-2219-1672492007-3223-1672493People gather in front of the Hanoi Opera House to participate in the 2023 countdown party. Photo by VnExpress/Giang Huy
  • 19h30HCMC’s Nguyen Hue walking street is jam-packed
    People have been going to the Nguyen Hue walking street since Saturday afternoon to participate in the countdown party to 2023. Starting 7 p.m., the street, which runs 600 m, has already been packed.anh-sang-1-9605-1672495988-jpe-4389-7526People stand in front of a stage for the countdown party in HCMC’s Nguyen Hue walking street. Photo by VnExpress/Thanh TungSaigon would have firework shows in two locations to celebrate the new year: one in Thu Duc City and the other in District 11.

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