COP27: What’s at Stake for the World?

Council on Foreign Relations

The COP27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, closes out another year of disasters: record-breaking floods, deadly heat waves, and devastating droughts. The urgency for the world’s leaders to make progress at this conference has never been higher, but many obstacles remain. The Council on Foreign Relations explains the issues and lays out what’s at stake in the world’s fight against climate change. 
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Are Global Climate Agreements Enough?For decades, countries have pledged to slow global warming. But experts say they still aren’t doing enough. Get the background on the Paris Agreement.
What the U.S. Climate Bill Gets Right and Wrong“The Inflation Reduction Act will go a long way toward restoring the United States’ credibility as a global leader on climate,” write Alice C. Hill and Madeline BabinUnderstand what’s in the bill.
How Climate Change Affects Diseases
One of the less visible consequences of climate change is the spread of zoonotic diseases. See how it happens and what can be done. Dive into four case studies.
John Kerry Urges Action by Top Emitters
“We must win this fight, because the alternative is beyond unacceptable,” says U.S. climate envoy John KerryWatch the CFR event.
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